How to localize games for Android and PC via Ever Translator App

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to localize games for Android, computer, iPhone, PC games, how to localize PS4 games, a game localization program for Android and PC and for all devices, a game translator program, what companies are localizing games, how to localize the Mafia Definitive Edition game, how to localize the game Frostpunk and the localization file for The Last of Us PS3 and Arabization of Mafia 2, Stronghold 2 and Danganronpa through the best and easiest game translation program for PC via Ever Translator for the year 2021-2022

Many users and also people who love and are obsessed with games are searching for a way to change and localize the special language in these games

As it is known, there are many games whose production companies are foreign, Chinese or German, and the game is included in the official language of the company.

There are many users from all over the world, including Arabs, who want to change the language of these games so that they can understand and use them in the best possible way.

So if a person is a game lover and wants to translate the language of the game and localize the game in an easy way

How to localize all kinds of games for Android, iPhone and PC

In this article, we will learn about a very special way to change the language of games and localize games in simple steps

There are many game lovers who download games from the Internet or buy them from anywhere, they will find that most of the games are in English or other languages ​​such as French, Chinese or Japanese

Therefore, it must be translated into Arabic so that the game can be used in the best way

We will teach you how to change the language of games and localize games with ease through a wonderful program that translates games instantly and translates the special screen in the game in a wonderful way

The program that will be used to translate games is the wonderful Ever Translator program that has been proven to localize games for free

How to use Ever Translator to localize games

After the user downloads and installs Ever Translator, the program will automatically translate the game screen when the game is launched

You must choose the language that the user prefers previously after entering the application

There are many applications and other programs that translate games and also there are a lot of ways that may be a bit complicated

As there are some ways that require rooting the device to activate the ability to translate games

There are many programs that may be complex and difficult to use, but this program is very special, as it does not require any experience. You must download and run the program, select the language and enter the game.

The program will immediately translate the game completely

The program is very suitable for all devices and can be used simply and easily

It is worth noting that there are many games in which the Arabic language is mainly included, and the user can translate them without the need for any programs

But on the other hand, there are many other different games that may not have been included in the Arabic language, and this is what prompted many people to search for programs and ways to enable them to translate these games

One of these ways to localize games is this special application, as this application will work if the game supports the Arabic language or it does not support it.

Download Ever Translator (Screen translate) 2.4.4 apk latest version for Android from here

Download Ever Translator PC for PC, Laptop and Mac from here

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