Best Money Saving Plan : My Experience with Saving and Saving Money

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the best money saving plan through successful ideas for saving money in English, my experience with saving and saving money to build a house, ways to save money for children, the schedule of organizing the monthly salary and saving money in French, the benefits of saving money and saving money in Islam for the year 2021-2022

Many people strive to save money to achieve their goals

The savings process is resorted to by many people who do not have financial liquidity that allows them to buy all things whenever they want.

The process of saving money is one of the most important operations that many people resort to today, with the aim of accumulating certain amounts of money to achieve a specific goal.

Top 7 successful money saving plans from my experience in saving money

There are many people who are looking for a successful “money saving plan” that can be adhered to, and this topic will be explained in detail in this article.

This plan, which will be mentioned, consists of several steps that must be adhered to and to think deeply about each step, in order to ensure that it is implemented in the best possible way.

First: Whoever wants to search for a successful and proven plan to save money and save money should develop a plan that he fully adheres to.

It is a plan that shows the amount of money that needs to be saved and also the amount of money that will be spent and what is the goal that the person wants to achieve

Second: Whoever wants to save money must record all his expenses on the book or on the smartphone

This step will greatly help to know the money that the person got and the amounts that have been spent

Third: The person must determine a certain amount that will be spent on a daily basis on the requirements

This amount must be compared, if it is above the required limit, and we must think about reducing these requirements and reducing daily expenses and expenses

Fourth: A person must determine the amount of money he owns, as well as the amount of money he will receive in the future

The plan can be started by setting an average amount of the person's monthly income

Fifth: The person must specify the entire amount he wants to save

In this step, the person must divide the amount he owns into several sections, such as special amounts, daily expenses, and special amounts for saving for a short period, and this matter is intended for emergency situations.

The third section is the special section for the long term such as buying a car, buying a house, traveling or many other goals

If a person does not have any goal, he can save for things that are not currently known and he wants to achieve them in the distant future, such as very distant goals

Sixth: If a person wishes to save and save money, he will face many difficulties that he will face in the process of saving and financial controls.

And this person will dispense with many things, and this implants the idea that he does not cover his own needs

It is worth noting that at this stage, self-control and self-control must be taken

Seventh: The person must review his own financial plan, as after a period of time, if there is no significant change, it can be reviewed and amended according to what suits the person

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