When Does a Refugee Get Permanent Residence in Germany ?

In this article, we offer you an explanation of when a refugee gets permanent residence in Germany? What are the requirements, conditions and steps for obtaining permanent residence in the European Union, detailed information about the Office of Foreigners Affairs in Germany, full details of the price of residence in Germany and commercial residence in Germany, and what are the advantages of permanent residence and what is the difference between asylum and temporary protection for the year 2021-2022

There are many people in Germany, especially refugees who want to obtain permanent residence, as they have a temporary residence permit and want to know the requirements that must be met to obtain permanent residence

Therefore, in this article, he will present the idea of ​​"when does a refugee obtain permanent residence in Germany"

In general, if a person has permanent residence in Germany for at least five years without interruption, the person can apply for permanent residence in some specific conditions

What are the types of accommodation in Germany?

Types of residency in Germany vary greatly, as there are several main types of residency, namely:

temporary residence

Temporary residence in Germany is one of the most common types of residence permits among refugees and immigrants in Germany, as it is valid for a year and can be extended freely

Permanent residence

Permanent residence in Germany is offered especially to those who have resided in Germany after a certain period of time

It is possible to apply for this residence after five years have passed since the period of special residence in refugees or university graduates

This residence permit allows its holder to stay in Germany without any time restrictions and is a very special way if a person wishes to stay in Germany indefinitely.

In order to obtain permanent residence, a person must have a permit that he has resided in Germany for at least five years

He must also have paid all insurance and pension fees for the contract for a period of at least 60 months

Also, the person must be able to secure his own livelihood and integrate well with German society

What are the advantages of permanent residence in Germany

In the event that a person has obtained permanent residence in Germany, he will be able to obtain five basic advantages, which are:

The refugee will receive social security

He can stay in Germany for an unlimited period

He will get many special benefits in German social insurance

He will also receive special childcare benefits

He will have complete freedom of movement within and outside the European Union

Conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Germany

The person must have legally spent a period of time in Germany for at least 5 years

He must be able to support his family members or the person himself in terms of livelihood

The person must have sufficient knowledge of German

A person wishing to obtain permanent residence must possess basic knowledge of the private legal and social system of life in Germany

The refugee must have sufficient living space for himself or his family

All compulsory or voluntary private contributions to legal pension insurance must be paid for at least 60 months

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