Printify Website To Profit from the Internet through printing and designing clothes and T-shirts

In this article, we present to you an explanation of the Printify website for printing, working online and profiting by designing clothes and T-shirts online + an explanation of how to register in printify and how to link Etsy to a printful account in an easy and simple way suitable for beginners through the Printify platform 2021 - 2022

What is Printify Website and how to use it

The site offers a comprehensive printing service that employers customize to put designs printed on T-shirts and all other products

The site in general provides a comprehensive and comprehensive printing service for companies and field workers

Where it prints all the designs sent and specified by the seller on all types of products such as shirts, cups, labels, clothes, etc. immediately and sends them to the customer. The site also stores completely

In general, all people link their accounts on various sites that allow them to sell with printify. The site receives the order and prints on the product directly after the order and ships it to the customer

The company was founded by businessman James Berdigans in the year 2015

The company is headquartered in Latvia and has an office in the USA

The site achieves and executes hundreds of requests on a monthly basis and has gained wide fame around the world

How to register on Printify Website ?

At first, you must click on the link listed at the end of the explanation, which is the link to the main site

You must press the start selling button to start the registration via e-mail or enter information

You can also register on the site through a Google account, and this is to facilitate the registration process for users

You must enter as information such as name, e-mail, password and other information that must be entered when registering in most sites and applications

How to work on Printify Website ?

The way to work on the Printify website is very easy, as you only have to create the design to be attractive and successful, and then this product that was designed must be uploaded to the user’s search engine and must be synchronized with the Printify service

The synchronization process with the site is very important because the site takes care of all the procedures after the customer orders the product, such as the process of printing the product, shipping it and the delivery process

This is very easy as you just have to do Choose the product that the user wants to print on, as the site offers more than 250 different products such as T-shirts, socks, phone cases and many more

In the next step is to choose the desired design and upload it to the site and control the size and color of the design and the place of the design in an easy and comfortable way

The site allows choosing the user's printing partner through a large and varied list provided by the site. They are first-class print providers and differ in quality, customization options and price

In this step the product is imported from the user's store WooCommerce, Shopify, Esty, Amazon

The price is determined by the subscriber, the sale is made with invoices, and the delivery is done by Printify

The site does not take a commission on sales in general. The site must be paid for the printing process that it performs and the product that is printed on it

Products that are available in the Printify Store


Jackets, skirts, dresses, bikini, hats, socks, hoodies and more


Notebook stickers and more

home decor

Wall art, pillows, towels, wall stickers, rugs and more

the shoes

All kinds of shoes


Bracelets, necklaces, etc


Bags of all kinds and mobile cases

You can choose the quality of any product before you start printing on it

The process of opening an account on the site is free, but there are paid accounts that provide many other advantages

It is highly recommended on this site to design the user's ideas professionally and add the customer's address and the Printify site does all the other procedures

The printify registration link is here

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