The best audio and video educational programs for children to teach children to read and teach letters

In this article, we offer you to download audio and video children's educational programs to teach children to read, teach letters to children 3 years old, 2 years old and 5 years old with movements in an easy and fun way without music, learn the English alphabet and the English alphabet for young children in kindergarten with preparatory pictures, teach preparatory children to write and pronounce letters and numbers, teach English, Turkish, French, Arabic and Indian letters through writing songs with movements, learning English letters, teaching children English letters with sound and image with detailed explanation pdf and the method of teaching correct English letters, preparatory section for the year 2021-2022

Childhood is one of the most important stages that parents should focus on in educating children

As many studies have shown, and as many scholars and philosophers have mentioned, it is the childhood stage that determines the fate of the child when he grows up.

Therefore, there are many families that pay great attention to the special methods of education in their children, and they also constantly seek to provide the best educational possibilities and opportunities for children, whether in the young or in the advanced stages.

With the spread of technology and the development of various technologies, there are many advanced methods that can greatly benefit in the process of educating a child

As it is possible to benefit from the Internet in a large and unlimited way, and also can benefit from smart phones and all electronic devices to help the child to learn

There are also many software designers who have paid great attention to this idea, and have provided hundreds of applications, programs and games on smart phone stores such as the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play Store for Android

The best educational programs for children to teach writing and reading letters with sound and image

These programs that we will offer you will greatly help in educating the child in the many different and advanced technologies that are provided by the technological tools available now.

With the diversity of applications and special educational programs, parents may find it difficult to choose the best applications and programs for children's education

Therefore, in this article, we will present the best and very special programs that greatly benefit the child's learning process

Kindergarten at home program

This application is considered one of the best special applications in teaching children many things, including English words and letters, as well as special movements in these words in the early stage of the child’s life

As what distinguishes this application is the ability to use it without the Internet and also contains many entertaining stories and tales, and the application operates without the net and without the availability of the Internet

The application also contains many written letters and also the spoken letters, and also the program will help greatly to teach pronunciation and the principles of the English language in a short time and letters as well

The program features are very diverse as it contains the possibility of teaching numbers, and there are also educational games, and also the child can write Arabic numbers and learn numbers and months

What distinguishes the application greatly is its ease of use, as the application also contains the ability to learn the names of different animals and birds, as well as many fish, fruits and vegetables

The application of English letters with sound and image

This application helps to learn English letters for young children, as the application contains all the letters in the English language in order, and you can click on this letter while learning how to write and pronounce the letter

And he also gives examples in the names of animals that start with this letter, this matter is presented in a way that is attractive to the child's eye

The application has been highly presented in smart application stores and there are many people who recommend it

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