Report Tik Tok Account | How Many Reports Are Required To Close The TikTok Account

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The Chinese Tik Tok application is a social networking application that specializes in displaying short videos, as it allows all people to publish, edit and profit from short videos, as well as to participate in the process of sharing them between people

The application has become the first destination for all users around the world to publish videos directly and also to achieve rapid spread and fame on the application

The number of users of the application is doubling on a daily basis due to the features that it provides to users and also the distinctive experience within the application

After users create their own accounts in Tik Tok and log in, they can post and shoot videos and also like and comment on other users' private videos.

The application allows the ability to edit videos professionally, as the Tik Tok application can be considered a video editing application

It allows many tools and features that can be added to the video that was filmed by users, including special tools to increase the speed of the video, stop some clips, and many other tools.

The application also provides many effects and the ability to control lighting and video editing with the addition of audio clips from music clips or movies, and this allows users to portray the creative idea they want to publish

Within the Tik Tok application, there is a special section for exchanging private messages between users and another special section for conducting live broadcasts

The videos and accounts on the Tik Tok application vary and vary, including accounts that publish videos for entertainment, as well as accounts that publish educational videos, in addition to accounts that photograph users' talents

How to report a Tik Tok account?

When browsing within the application, a person may encounter some accounts that post inappropriate content, incite violence, do not conform to the values ​​of society, or send messages to users that are annoying messages.

For this matter, the Tik Tok application allowed the ability to report these accounts so that the application could review these reports and close the abusive accounts to provide a safe environment within the application

If a user views a video that violates the community standards in TikTok, or an account that is considered inappropriate, it can be reported easily.

For people who are wondering about reporting a Tik Tok account, it is very easy by following these steps:

First, you must click on the profile picture in the account in the upper left corner of the screen

After entering the account, press the menu button, which is a button in three points

After that, you must click on the “Report” option

Next, you have to click on the option to report an account

The application will display several reasons for this notification, the most appropriate reason must be selected

Then Tik Tok will ask for some screenshots to document the user's report

After that, you must press the Submit button

In this matter, this report will be reviewed by the management of the Tik Tok application, and the account will be closed if it violates the standards and conditions of the application

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