How to save money to buy a phone | the best ways to save money to buy a new phone

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to save money to buy a phone and what are the best ways to save money for children to buy a mobile and smartphone iPhone 12 Pro, 11 or Samsung, ways to save from salary or from personal expenses, how to save money to buy a house, what are the benefits of saving money, reasons for saving money and a schedule Saving the salary and what are the best types of saving and saving money and how to save money for teenagers to buy a phone for the year 2021-2022

There are many people who want to save money so that they can achieve their goals and reach their big or small goals

Since there are many people who ask how to save money to buy a new phone

How to save money from salary or personal expenses to buy a new phone

There are many ways that can be followed that enables a person to save money in many ways so that he can “get the necessary amount to buy the new phone”

This topic will be explained in detail in this article, all you have to do is follow the following steps and tips:

The person must determine the value or the amount to be obtained before starting the saving process, so that the goal or the financial value that the person wants to reach is clear, and this helps greatly in the saving process

The next step is to determine the person's own budget

A person should keep track of the amount of own monthly expenses

He should know how to manage money better

This can be done by setting a monthly budget by calculating the monthly income and the amount to be spent, as well as the amount to be saved

Everyone should study the things that money is agreed upon, and this will greatly help to give up unwanted things

A person must be in preparing a list of purchases

It is necessary to do on a daily basis and before going abroad to prepare a list in the purchases in order to clearly differentiate between needs and desires

A person can reduce his expenses by comparing things, for example, such as the tariff for phone calls, as he can compare between the companies in the market and choose the most appropriate

You must choose an economical electricity company or choose in the shops that provide offers and discounts

Also, eating from outside should be reduced, and if a person wishes to eat outside, he must be careful in choosing economical restaurants.

The most important step in the saving process is not to stop spending, as stopping spending will be difficult for many people, but rather reducing the percentage of spending, as this will help to save more

After the amount is collected, the person can review more than one website or store that sells phones

There are many websites and shops that offer many offers, in order to attract customers to them and not rush to buy the phone from the first shop that appears in front of the person

Also, a person can see all the offers, as there are many shops that can offer the same price for the phone, but with greater features such as insuring the phone for a year or giving gifts with it

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