What is the New Telegram Program ? Features, disadvantages and codes

In this article, we offer you an explanation of what is the new Telegram program? The most important advantages and disadvantages of the Telegram application, Telegram codes, how to open a new account and log into Telegram on the Internet, detailed information about groups and channels, how to create a new channel, the way to profit from Telegram easily through Telegram details and Wikipedia, important details about Telegram and the languages ​​available in it, and how to search for people in Telegram with Link to download Telegram APK for Android, iPhone and PC for the year 2021 - 2022

There are many people who still do not know the Telegram application, although the Telegram application has gained wide popularity since its launch.

The Telegram application has gone through many situations that made it gain many users and increase its popularity, so we will answer a question

What is the telegram app?

The Telegram application is a direct messaging application, as an application that allows the user to exchange messages with other users after the user creates an account on the application

After that, the user will enter his personal information in the application, such as name, photo

And also sync contacts so that other users who have an account appear on the Telegram app

The Telegram application in general, which is an application that allows users to exchange text messages and also make voice and video calls in very high quality

It also allows users to share all kinds of media such as photos, audios, and documents as well

Within the application, there are many features that can be taken advantage of, such as different emojis and the ability to create channels and groups that can add large numbers of users to it.

Whereas, what distinguishes groups from channels is that the channels are channels that can be subscribed to and are published by the owner of the channel only and not others

As for groups, they are groups that exchange messages collectively between all users in these groups

It is possible to create different and diverse groups in many educational fields, to publish articles, as well as to publish films, and many other directions

The Telegram application provides users with many different advantages, including that the application allows the ability to search for users in the vicinity, and with this feature, it can be activated within a dedicated box within the application

Which will show users who are using the Telegram application who are close to the person and also get to know them and develop special social relationships in the person

The application also allows the user to exchange messages with other users without the need to show his phone number, because the Telegram application basically maintains and supports user privacy and the security of his information

The Telegram application contains many different features that are continuously developed by the application management, in order to increase its popularity and also to maintain users who use and depend on the application.

The Telegram application gained very wide fame, after the WhatsApp company imposed its new privacy policy, which many people considered a violation of their privacy.

They canceled their accounts from the WhatsApp application and switched to other applications that meet the task, so the best option for this was the Telegram application

Since after using the Telegram application, many people have noticed that the Telegram application is much better than the WhatsApp application

The Telegram program also provides many additional features that were not originally present in the WhatsApp application

Links to download the Telegram app for Android and iPhone can be found here

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