Top 10 free scholarships in germany universities 2022

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the top 10 free scholarships in germany universities 2022 to study medicine, bachelor’s, high school, master’s and doctoral students for all countries of the world and foreign countries without the English or German language requirement, a fully funded scholarship from the government unconditionally to study abroad without the language requirement 2021-2022

Best free scholarships in Germany for the year 2022

Germany is considered one of the most developed countries in the field of medicine around the world. German universities are a destination for students who want to study medicine around the world because they offer a variety of student specialties in Germany.

In this article, we will present the top 10 scholarships in 2021 specialized in studying medicine in Germany that are fully paid, as all universities and institutions offer scholarships in the field of medicine to students all over the world

Germany has universities that are ranked the best universities around the world

Free scholarships in Germany + 30 thousand euros annually

The value of the scholarship for a master’s degree is 7,500 euros over six months, 15,000 euros per year

As for post-doctoral research, it is 15,000 euros every 6 months and 30,000 euros a year

The free scholarship provides for those accepted with private places with desktop computers and mobile phones, as well as temporary housing opportunities in apartments in the museum complex, depending on the availability of these apartments.

The research project must be presented to the fellows at the beginning of the residency and they are expected to participate in the workshops of the Museum and the Munich Center

The Foundation requests from researchers who have submitted their own health insurance

To find out more details and to apply for the grant, click here

Free scholarships from the International Federation of Mathematical Sciences in Germany

The main objective of this opportunity is to educate the new generation of mathematicians with the hope of giving benefits to the student's home country who has been selected for this opportunity.

Grants will be made from the time specified for the selection of the fellowship in the case of students who are already enrolled in a doctoral program, and in other cases the winner will be given the opportunity to be awarded in a doctoral program at the time specified previously

To register for the scholarship, enter here

Scholarship offered by the German Konrad Adenuer Stiftung

The scholarship is funded for a two-year master's degree and a three-year PhD degree

A student studying a master's degree gets 850 euros per month, and a doctoral student gets 1,200 euros per month

It also allows students to have access to a global network of communication that brings together more than 4,000 alumni, attend scientific seminars and scientific research, and is also personally guided. Applicants are accepted from the following countries

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Free Scholarship in Germany for Bachelors from Jacobs University

At Jacobs University the scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit and also affects the applicant’s own personal achievements and material wealth and external resources are never considered.

What are the documents for MSc in Data Science, Supply Chain Management and Data Engineering

At first, you should send one page containing answers to specific questions, which is why you chose Jacobs University to complete your studies

This is what makes the university accept your acceptance into the master’s specialty that you have chosen from the Scholarship in Germany DAAD

To register for the free scholarship in Germany, enter here

Free scholarship in Germany provided by SBW Berlin

This scholarship will provide many experiences and skills during study that students must use well. Free scholarships can be obtained in Germany for high school students, which started with this program in early 2020 and still continues to provide 100% free scholarships, especially the German scholarship for high school students the public

We will offer free scholarships in Germany 2021/2020, scholarships in Germany 2021 and German university scholarships 2021/2020, in addition to the DAAD scholarship 2023, the full bachelor scholarship 2021, the German scholarship 2022 and SBW Berlin, which is the ideal alternative for all scholarships, specifically the Master of Turkey

You can apply for the scholarship and find out more details about it by entering here

A scholarship for high school students in Germany provided by the University of Hamburg

Offered to support outstanding students around the world as well as researchers in resources and grade levels who have participated in an international activity

This scholarship focuses entirely on the applicant’s studies and provides the possibility to develop skills

Eligible countries for the scholarship are for students in developing countries

Criteria and conditions to apply for the free scholarship in Germany

The applicant must not hold German citizenship and those who did not qualify for the Federal Student Loan Program are accepted. Syrian, Palestinian and Egyptian refugees are accepted at home and abroad and Moroccans

Documents to be submitted:


motivational speech

Social activities with the attachment of a private guide space

Constructions such as certificates and courses

Assessments must be submitted by two professors at the University of Hamburg

This includes students under the age of 29 who can apply for a Bachelor's or Master's degree

As for students who are 33 years old, they can apply for a doctorate degree at the university in the field of medicine

What are the deadlines to apply for the free scholarship

In 2021 \ 15 \ in the month of April

You can find out more details about this grant by entering here

To apply in 2021/15/October and 2022/15/October

Scholarship application form here

Scholarship for free grants a doctorate degree the amount of 1000 euros per month

This scholarship is for two or three people per course

The grant period is 3 years in justified cases

But in general, the scholarship is granted only for two semesters, ie a total of 12 months

To know more details about this scholarship, you can visit the official Hamburg website here

Free scholarships in Germany UDE

These grants begin in October of each year and continue until September

Students all over the world, especially developing countries, are eligible to apply for this scholarship

These scholarships are also intended to provide financial support to students in studying in Germany

Required academic grades are from a Bachelor's or Master's degree The scholarship covers outstanding students

It gives them 300 euros a month for a whole year

To find out more details and to apply for the grant, click here

Free Scholarships from IMPRS_MCB University

This scholarship focuses on diverse questions in immunobiology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and functional genomics.

Only developing countries are eligible to apply for the German scholarship

Academic studies offered for pursuing Ph.D. and certificate in Immunology, Genetics, Metabolism, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Proteomics, and Functional Genomics

What the scholarship offers to cover: Provides to students who have been approved contracts in the guidelines established by the association throughout the period of doctoral study which is three to four years

The advance payment is to cover the monthly living costs and also the student does not incur any tuition fees

In the end, there are many scholarships that are offered to students on an ongoing basis, including scholarships to study medicine in Iraq and free scholarships to study medicine in Turkey, in addition to free scholarships to study medicine in Britain and to study medicine in America

There are many people who are looking for the required rate to study medicine in Germany, and this matter varies according to each year, as there are many advantages of studying medicine in Germany and we recommend it

To learn more about the details, visit the special website to apply for the grant, enter here

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