What is meant by e-commerce? Types, benefits and importance of e-commerce

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The term e-commerce has spread widely in the past years, as there are many institutions, companies, and also people who have resorted to e-commerce to facilitate many of their lives

There are many people looking for detailed information about e-commerce in USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Israel, Congo, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines, Venezuela, Britain and India Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hungary, South Africa, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Gabon, Japan, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and all countries of the world

With the Corona virus imposing many barriers and also the closures that have occurred in all countries, e-commerce has become one of the things that cannot be dispensed with. 

But there are some people who still do not know what e-commerce is, and this topic will be highlighted in this article and the question of what is meant by e-commerce will be answered in detail.

e-commerce definition

It is a special concept called the private purchase and sale of goods, products and services that are carried out via the Internet

Since money and data are transferred via the Internet to carry out these transactions, this term is used when products and goods are sold over the Internet.

And also this term can be used in all commercial transactions that take place via the Internet, which saves money and time

In other words, e-commerce is a process of buying and selling through electronic means such as mobile applications and the Internet, such as online shopping and many other electronic transactions.

E-commerce enables customers to purchase products on a global scale and also at lower expenses

Types of e-commerce

E-commerce has many types such as the following types:

  • Corporate e-commerce with businesses
  • The other type of company with clients
  • The type of consumer with the consumer
  • There is another type, which is common with business
  • The type of management with business
  • The last type is for the subscriber with the administration

E-Commerce Features

There are many advantages of e-commerce, which are the following:

The ability of e-commerce to reach global markets without the need to invest a lot of money through the Internet

Person can get all necessary special information in the product

It can also be compared with many other products on many sites

E-commerce has brought the distance between customers and suppliers, and this has led to an increase in production and the ability to compete between companies

E-commerce saves a lot of time and effort for consumers and is also an easy way to do successful buying and selling

Disadvantages of e-commerce

There are some disadvantages that characterize e-commerce, the most important of which are the following:

E-commerce depends entirely on technology and communication

There are many sites on the Internet that do not have a high rate of security and confidentiality of customer data

There are many people who may take advantage of e-commerce in scams

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