The New WhatsApp Feature View Once | Send photos, videos and sounds once

Explanation of the View Once feature in WhatsApp, the new WhatsApp feature 2021 that enables you to send an image, audio or video recording that is watched only once and then disappears from the received number, and what is its relationship to the new Whats App privacy and what are the updates The new WhatsApp privacy policy 2022 WhatsApp terms The new feature and how to use this feature and the new feature and how to work with it correctly and solve all the problems related to it

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting applications, where users of the application can communicate and chat with other users freely through written messages, audio recordings, or through audio and video calls.

The application allows the process of sending media such as photos, videos, audio clips, documents and contacts of users

The application provides many features and features such as creating groups for chatting and many more WhatsApp is the property of Facebook Inc

What is the Vew Once feature in WhatsApp?

Recently, Facebook has gradually developed the WhatsApp application to suit the needs of users

The Vew Once whatsapp feature or one-time viewing feature has been included, which allows the user to send photos and videos to other users, provided that the viewing process is done only once.

This is after the application received many features and updates in the application previously

How does the Vew Once feature work in WhatsApp

The feature allows viewing the media that is sent by users, whether images or videos, to all other users, provided that the viewing process is for one time only.

This means that when the other user views the content that was sent through the feature, the content will be deleted automatically and completely, and the user cannot view it again.

The feature is effectively present in many other applications such as the Snapchat application, which is basically the first to include the feature in it

The feature was included in the application version 221143 of the WhatsApp update that was released, and in order to use this feature, both parties must have the latest version of the application

How to use the new feature on WhatsApp Vew Once

As we mentioned, both parties or users must have the latest version of WhatsApp during the chat process. There is an icon next to the box for writing when clicking on this icon

A message will appear from the application explaining the feature, and when sending photos and videos through this feature, they will be automatically deleted when seen by the other user.

It is quite similar to the feature provided by Snapchat and Instagram, as these applications also provide this feature, which is to erase the media from being viewed by the other person.

The feature in WhatsApp differs slightly from the rest of the applications, as if the user has tried the feature found in Instagram or Snapchat

The application informs the user if the other party has taken a screenshot of the content that was sent through the one-time viewing feature

But WhatsApp did not include this feature, which is to warn the user when the other party takes a screenshot of the content in WhatsApp, if the photos and videos are sent by one-time viewing

Thus, the other party will be able to take a screenshot of the content without the application informing the owner of the content that a screenshot of his photos has been taken

This means that the feature is not completely secure and must be developed by the company and updated to fully suit the requirements of users

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