Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays in 2022 ( Milyunir Website )

In this post Best URL Shortener Websites That Pays in 2021 and 2022 , we offer you an explanation of the best site to shorten links for profit 2021-2022 accepted by Facebook and accept traffic, the Milyunir site is a site for profit from the Internet for beginners and the strategy of earning money for free by shortening links to YouTube, accepted by Facebook, Twitter and others, the site preferred by many at work online without any effort

Guaranteed and honest profit sites from the Internet are considered one of the most popular and researched topics on the Internet, due to the great benefit that can be obtained if we can find one of these sites and know how to work with them and make real money and real dollars through them very quickly

In this context, the methods of profit from shortening links are one of the best and easiest ways at all, because this method does not require experience and does not need to make any little effort. It is possible to profit without capital through profitable link shortening sites

Perhaps, as Arabs, we are always looking for sites that support Arab countries and support payment methods suitable for the Arab peoples, for the Egyptians, the Algerians, the Moroccans, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Jordanians, the Lebanese, the Palestinians, the Yemenis, the Saudis, the Sudanese, the Libyans, the Tunisians and other Arab peoples who face problems receiving profits and withdrawing money from profit companies from the Internet

Among the best foreign sites for profit from shortening links is the millionaire site Milyunir, which is distinguished from all related Internet profit sites

What is Milyunir Website and how to profit from it

Milyunir is a free URL shortening site that reached fame in early 2020, it follows the system of shortening links to profit and earn money, has been working for many years and pays money regularly once the minimum payment is reached, this link shortening site is characterized by high cpm and can profit without ads and without CAPACHA

Milyunir is distinguished from other profitable sites by a high rate of profit for visits that come to the shortened links (profit rate up to $ 12 per 1000 visits)

One of the most important features of this site is that its short links are accepted by Facebook without any problems

The Millionaire website is also distinguished by the fact that the short links in it are accepted by Facebook and acceptable to YouTube and all social networking sites without ban. You can take advantage of this feature to get thousands of visits, which makes you win tens of dollars a day

Milyunir is also highly credible and reliable and has plenty of checkout and payment proof in the web

To start working with the Milyunir URL shortener and profit from it, you should focus well on the following points:

Open a new account and log in to Milyunir Website

You must first open a new account on the site and log in to your control panel in order to start benefiting from the services of Milyunir to profit from shortening links, and you can open a new account by filling in the following data:



Password and confirm password

Agree to the terms of the site and press the Register button to complete the registration process

Start shortening links with Milyunir to profit from them

After registering on the Milyunir site, shorten as many links as possible, such as shortening links to YouTube or Facebook, or links to songs, videos, photos, movies, etc., in order to profit from them. The problem of publishing short links on Facebook

Sharing shortened links from Milyunir Website

After you shorten the links on the Milyunir website, you send these links to friends and share them on social networking sites to earn money according to the number of visits your links get

You can share Milyunir short links anywhere in the world because all websites and platforms accept Milyunir links

Profit from Milyunir Website referral system (invite friends)

The Milyunir site provides you with another way to profit from it in addition to shortening links, and the method is to invite friends through referral links, which enables you to earn 5% of the profits of all people who register on the site through your link, and in this way you can profit from shortening links without ads

Receipt of profits and request for withdrawal from Milyunir Website

Milyunir is one of the best sites to profit from shortening links in countries, because the site supports many ways to pay and receive profits

You can request a withdrawal through more than one method to withdraw profits and pay, and for each method there is a minimum payment as follows:

Withdrawal request via Paypal and the minimum withdrawal is $5

western union minimum $100

Google Play cards are charged for free without collecting 10 dollars points

Receipt of funds through Al-Haram Company in Syria, the limit is 70 dollars

Withdrawal request through MTN and Syriatel and the limit is $3

iTunes cards, minimum withdrawal 10 dollars

Etisalat Jordan and the minimum withdrawal amount is only $2

Withdrawal request via Payeer and the minimum payment is $3

Withdrawal request via Skrill and the minimum withdrawal amount is $5

Royal Pass PUBG Mobile 10 dollars

Win 60 UC PUBG MOBILE skins for 1 dollar

198 UC PUBG MOBILE Skins for 3$



Increase Instagram followers 1000 followers for 4 dollars

Withdrawal request via bitcoin and the minimum withdrawal is $5

Playstation cards minimum $13

Minimum XBOX Cards $30


Here we finish the explanation, we hope that we have succeeded in the explanation, and do not forget to share the topic with your friends so that everyone can benefit from it.

To register on the millionaire site Milyunir Website

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