What is Airtm Bank and how to register in it to send and receive money online

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what is Airtm electronic bank and how to register on the site and open a new account in this wonderful bank to receive money online, with direct download links to the Airtm application for Android and iOS for free 2021-2022

Airtm Bank is one of the best banks around the world specializing in money transfers between all banks, whether electronic banks or local and international banks, and also allows the possibility of transferring money to electronic wallets of most countries via Airtm fees

For example, if the user has funds in an electronic bank or Bayer Bank, it is possible to transfer these funds to the user's bank account in his country or to his wallet with ease and speed

What is Airtm and how to use it to send and receive money over the Internet

It is an electronic bank that provides all the services provided by the rest of the banks, but what distinguishes this bank from others is the easy transfer, transfer and withdrawal of funds to all banks quickly

It also supports dealing with digital currencies

Explain the most important features of Airtm Bank

The bank provides an easy and quick process to use and a lot of assistance methods and responds to complaints quickly

All funds can be transferred and withdrawn from all banks electronically to Airtm Bank

User can put money in any electronic or non-electronic bank via Airtm Bank

The bank provides the ability to create a visa simply and quickly to make purchases

The identification process offered by the bank does not take much time

The bank provides high security and confidentiality with the latest technology

It provides buying and selling of all digital currencies

How to register on Airtm

At first, you must enter the link to register on the Airtm website, which we will put to you at the end of the explanation

The basic registration interface will appear

The user's country must be selected

In the next box, you must put the email and make sure that it is correct, because the bank will send a confirmation message to the email

The next field is for typing the user's password and must include numbers, capital letters and parental code

After that, you must click on the box at the bottom designated to verify that the user has a bot

When filling in all the fields, you must press the Create account button

You can register via Facebook, but it is recommended to register via email

After that, a message will appear to confirm your email, go to the email and there you will find a message from Airtm Bank and click on Confirm email

After clicking on the page, a special page will appear to enter the data and confirm the order, which is the name, address and city exactly as it is found in the passport or personal card

Also, phone number and birthdate

After entering all the data, you must click on the full profile button

The bank will take you to another page. The user presses the verif button in blue

After that, you must press the verify now button

At this stage, the bank will verify the special phone number that the user entered via SMS. A message containing 6 numbers will be received, which must be placed in the designated field

Now a special page will appear to prove the user's personal identity

You can choose between the three options available:

travel document

driving license

personal identification

The picture must be clear before sending it and the personal picture clearly includes the title and the information is clear and readable, then the site will ask to take a selfie to be more sure

Now the process of entering information has ended, the user has to wait for half an hour and the site will send and that the private account has become activated and ready for all operations

Explain how to use airtm to send and receive money

The method of use is very easy and has been simplified to the extreme, as it provides the Arabic language easily

The process of withdrawing and adding funds from the box named Add and Withdraw

The Send request box is for sending and requesting money from all banks

The crypto field is the process of buying and selling digital currencies

Side note: for withdrawing funds, you must select the desired bank and it must be the same email you used in Airtm bank, someone will contact you and direct you to complete the process, Airtm fees, Airtm app, skill, NETELLER

To register on the airtm website and open a new account, enter here

To download the Airtm app apk for Android from here

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