Detailed information on bullying : types, causes, consequences and thoughts on bullying

In this article, we provide you with a detailed explanation of a topic about bullying, we will mention to you the types of bullying, its causes, punishments for bullying, complete details about cyberbullying, ideas about school bullying for children and adults, main and conclusion ideas about bullying for children, project ideas, distributions, plays, a topic of expression and drawings about school bullying, and an easy drawing about bullying And drawings about cyberbullying in a dream, full details of social bullying for adults and young children, detailed information about verbal bullying for adults pdf, and what are ideas about bullying for children and emotional bullying in Islam for the year 2021-2022

There are many people and families who would like to learn more about the concept of bullying so that they can address the issue if one of their children is being bullied in any way.

What is the concept and definition of bullying?

Bullying is a form of intentional abuse of another person by one person or by a group of people by some bad people who may have the power or exercise the power they have over people they feel they are unable to confront them

Bullying is physical, verbal, psychological or emotional abuse

Bullying is represented in two forms, and they are indirect bullying. This type of bullying is an indirect method

Where others don't notice it but it causes harm like spreading lies, rumors and other things

The second type is direct bullying, which is face-to-face and includes physical action such as beating or words such as insults and insults.

What are the causes of bullying?

Acts of bullying appear in a person as a result of neglecting the upbringing of the child from a young age, as well as the child’s growth in a free environment. The incentives that help in healthy growth make him a person who is unable to socialize with others.

He begins to feel a sense of paranoia and constantly searches for power and self-affirmation through forced actions and indifference to the feelings of others, as the bully sees himself in a positive way most of the time

What are the types of bullying?

There are several types of bullying, which are divided into many sections, but the most important are the following types:

physical bullying

Physical bullying is the most obvious type of bullying, as the bully takes actions harmful to the body to satisfy his own needs.

In most cases, this type of bullying is practiced on weaker or younger people, such as hitting, slapping, pushing hard, and many other harmful acts.

verbal bullying

Verbal bullying is practiced through words and insults, as well as words that insult the other person, with the aim of belittling and humiliating him.

This type of bullying usually affects children with special needs, as studies have shown that this type of bullying has serious consequences and leaves emotional effects that appear in the long run.

emotional bullying

Emotional bullying is a type of bullying that is based on malice, such as spreading lies and untrue rumors to control a person and reduce his social value


It is with the development of technology that cyberbullying has emerged such as the things that happen on the Internet such as those threats from anonymous people or requests for things

Or the person may receive some harmful messages that contain insults. This type of bullying is difficult to confront because it is also difficult to know the identity of the bully

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