What is Cloud Mining ? best free ethereum and bitcoin and dogecoin mining sites

In this article, we offer you an explanation of what is cloud mining and the best sites and companies mining bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin cash and all digital currencies for free with an explanation of each site separately and how to mine and what is the definition of mining in a simplified way and the method of mining via phone or computer via free mining companies and is mining profitable or not?

Cloud mining or the mining process in general carried out by sites, the user needs to use a home computer and a special wallet to save coins

Which prompted many users to search for: free mining sites, free ethereum mining sites, free bitcoin mining site, free mining site

The main advantage of cloud mining is that the user does not have to buy expensive hardware that specializes in mining coins through cloud mining packages of the best Ethereum mining companies

Many people want to seize the opportunity to buy digital currencies one day from reliable sites that allow the possibility of buying in different ways in order to sell and trade them or to save them for later.

Through these trusted websites allow users to easily find customers to buy and sell from their own country

If the user wants to buy and mine digital currencies, the user needs to do the cloud mining process from these globally trusted sites. cloud mining calculator ethereum

What is cloud mining and is mining profitable?

The correct expression for cloud mining for digital currencies rMiner - Cloud Mining means that these sites and companies own mining devices and keep them in stores and warehouses, which are intended for mining digital currencies using the power of the computer to solve algorithms

The companies and sites that are offered allow users to participate in the mining process for digital currencies at a cost determined by the user, which means that it will be available to a large number of people around the world

As the user after the subscription process will get a percentage of the profits

Cloud mining is one of the most advanced technology trends at the present time, as it allows access to computer-specific services such as server capacity, processor, database, and software for storing files through the Internet cloud

The user, when he participates in these sites, he rents some of these mining devices and based on paying money for the process and obtaining pebbles of revenue that results from the process

There are people who would like to join the mining process but don't want to get involved in the complicated and expensive hardware and hardware maintenance work. Cloud mining is a great opportunity to get involved in this matter

Customers after subscribing to one of these operations will pay daily or monthly fees, and the profits that come from the mining process will be transferred directly to the customer’s account

Explain what are the advantages of cloud mining

There will not be any electricity costs on the customer, as the specialized devices in mining need electricity greatly

The process of selling these devices after the user has purchased them will become expensive and this after stopping the profits in the cloud mining process is not exposed to such situations

The user will not suffer from the identity problem of the devices because they produce high heat

Cloud mining is a great feature and a side income for users but it is surrounded by some dangers such as scams

What are the special steps to start in cloud mining

The matter is very simple as it requires the user only to set up a special account in one of these sites, and the percentage of profits varies according to the site

The profits are withdrawn in the companies in which the user has subscribed through daily, monthly or annual withdrawals

The customer's profits vary according to the plan he has made

The process of finding a private site for mining may pose some problems for users, as there are a lot of scammers who create a website and claim that they own a mining company

This may cause a lot of problems , The user must check the site before starting mining

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Mining Sites and Companies

In the next paragraph we will show the 5 most famous mining companies around the world

Nicehash company

The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia The main advantage of the company is that it automates the algorithms for cryptocurrency

The mining process in general is what increases the profits of the owner of these coins, and it is a basic requirement for many

The mining process is the use of a computer to solve many huge mathematical operations that consume a lot of energy

The mining process was initially used by graphics which perform this task faster but consume a lot of energy

There are special products to aid in the mining process such as ASIC which allows to do more mining operations with less energy consumption

It is a reliable site for cloud mining for free and this is according to the most profitable currencies and the efficiency of the user's devices can be increased

To register on the site and find out more details about it, visit the following article:

Nicehash site explanation for mining Ethereum and Bitcoin (Nice hash calculator - how to profit from it)

Nanopool site

The Nanopool site provides an easy-to-use interface in general. After entering the site, you must click on the quick start located under the Ethereum icon at the bottom of the page

The site will offer steps for installing Claymore miner as well as easy steps to prepare the user's configuration file

After inserting the configuration file in the location of the extracted file, you must press the start .bat button and the workers will start the mining process

After setting up the miners, it is only necessary to monitor the user's cards and they get a monthly income

The site offers many different mining operations not only in Ethereum, such as: Ethereum classic, Zcash, Monero, Raven, Conflux, Ergo

The costs incurred by the user are variable, they may be electricity costs, maintenance costs, fees, and others

To register on the site and find out more details about it, visit the following article:

Explanation of the Nanopool site for free Ethereum mining (mining steps for beginners)

Genesis Mining Company

This company is located in Hong Kong although the original founders of this company are German and they participate in many private conferences in Bitcoin

It is a high-quality mining site that accepts all people to register and includes many unique plans to earn bitcoins

There are free plans and paid plans as well. You can choose what suits you

You can also try the free plan and then choose the paid plans for mining

And it does not require you to do anything, just register a new account on the site and find the link to register on the site below

After opening a new account, you place your bitcoin wallet and the site will start generating a faucet supplying your bitcoin wallet

To register on the site and find out more details about it, visit the following article:

Explanation of Genesis Mining | Best site to buy bitcoin with visa and mining easily

Bitcoin Pool Company

This company is very popular among users and is known as slushpool, as it provides monitoring operations for mining through special applications for Android and iPhone devices and allows the possibility of tracking the user’s account and value freely

To register on the company's official website, click here

Hash flare company

This company contains a lot of cryptocurrencies and allows many purchases and retail, is a private company to manufacture bitcoin mining equipment was established in 2003 and the main website of the company displays details, pictures and data of the company

To enter the company from here

Hashnest site

This team was involved in many private bitcoin mining operations in 2012 even though the site was established a short time before that.

But he achieved a lot of success and wrote many contracts with major companies such as Bitmain that specialize in banking technology

These sites have been rated as Best Bitcoin Mining Sites 2020 and Best Mining Sites 2021 - 2022

To register on the site, enter here

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