What is Commercial Fraud ? How to protect consumers from electronic commercial fraud

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what is commercial fraud and the anti-commercial fraud system pdf, commercial fraud in the system, consumer protection from commercial fraud, what is the purpose of the anti-commercial fraud and commercial fraud system , what are the causes of commercial fraud and the reward for commercial fraud and electronic commercial fraud in the field of e-commerce For the year 2021 - 2022

Many people may wonder about the meaning of the term commercial fraud, and there are, on the other hand, many people who know the meaning of this term.

In general, commercial fraud is a situation that has been repeated in all countries and also in all times, and it is widely spread and many countries are trying to impose laws that prevent this matter

What is commercial fraud?

Commercial fraud is any product that has been altered or tampered with in some way and has lost its material and moral value, whether by adding things, decreasing things, manufacturing error, and so on.

Commercial fraud can be defined as products that do not comply with approved standards

Many countries impose many laws to prevent these types and cheating, including the special law in cosmetics, food and medicine

Types of commercial fraud

The strangest laws in all countries consider food, medicine, or cosmetics to be adulterated, or they are classified under the name of commercial fraud if they include one of the following:

If the product carries any harmful or toxic substances that make it harmful to health

If the product contains unsafe substances such as pesticide residues, additional colors, animal hormones

If the container of this product is toxic or harmful or renders the content within it toxic or harmful

If the products also contain chemicals

In other words, if the product contains any unsafe additives, it is considered commercial fraud

There are also many types of fraud such as economic fraud

This cheat is about replacing a component with another component, in the second sense, replacing a valuable component with another component that has no value at all.

Such as replacing the special oil in olive oil with another oil such as tea tree oil or also coloring the surfaces of fruits so that they look fresh

It is also possible to measure products that are purchased either from shops or through the Internet

As a person buys a special piece after inspecting it, it reaches him with different specifications and also different quality

This is also considered commercial fraud and the law must be resorted to if a person is exposed to such funds

Executive actions that can be taken after exposure to commercial fraud

There are many operational procedures that can be taken if a person encounters any product that violates the standards for quality

Since there are many countries that take strict measures if any of the people are discovered in the production of materials that are characterized and classified as commercial fraud, such as seizing their own materials, preventing the person from manufacturing and production, and withdrawing the product from the market

Therefore, if a person is exposed to any commercial fraud, he can resort to the legal field to prevent the recurrence of this matter and stop the other person alone

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