Best Cryptocurrencies : Names and Types and Prices of Cryptocurrencies

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what are the best digital currencies, what are the types, prices and names of currencies, know their prices and expectations for 2022, and explain the trading of digital currencies and what is the ruling on trading in them, is it halal or forbidden, and what is the symbol of each of these currencies 2021

The best digital currencies 2022

We have noticed the recent spread of digital currencies and their ability to influence the market significantly. In this article, we will learn about the best current digital currencies and the best ones to invest in, and the best currencies that have a promising future


Bitcoin has achieved a great spread in the past years and is currently on the throne of digital currencies, and one of the best currencies that you can invest in is the best currency currently

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Dash currency has made a lot of progress in the field of digital currencies, and its financial value has risen and competed with other currencies, as the value of one currency from Dash currency reached more than 300 dollars

Dash coin is the perfect alternative to bitcoin, as the price of bitcoin has become an imaginary price compared to other currencies

How Dash currency works, it is transmitted through an open source platform for currency trading and occupies seventh place in the list of the best digital currencies in the world. You can pay with Dash currency in the App Store application as well, which directly confirms that the currency has a successful future

Maintains the privacy and confidentiality of its owner during the purchase or acquisition process

The price of Dash coin began to rise in 2017, reaching at the present time to $ 300 per coin, which is a great development Dash

DASH COIN is available in the market, 7.5 million pieces of Dash coin, and this helps its spread greatly

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Cardano coin

Cardano is a currency with a promising future and a strong rise is the cryptocurrency of the type Ouroboros, and this currency has been called the Ethereum Killer, as it is still in its early stages and beat Ethereum in many aspects

Dogecoin coin

This currency is symbolized by DOGE and it means Dogecoin, this currency became in the year 2021, the story of this currency that it was invented by the designers who own just kidding

Perhaps you may know it, as it is a famous meme as well, bearing the image of a dog as its logo. It has become one of the best digital currencies in the market after more than 100 billion coins were traded. DOGE outperformed Bitcoin in 2021 as its value increased by 45%

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BMF coin

The beer money forum is a large website loved by users, this site specializes in providing points in exchange for doing some tasks and these points can be converted into money, noting that the way to obtain points is very easy and simple

It is a foreign site that enjoys high credibility by users, you must first log in to it, and the site will automatically allow you ways to earn points and points can be converted into money every 1,000 points that make up $ 1 which enables you to withdraw your money via Paypal

The currency that the site adopts is the BMF currency, which stands for an abbreviation of the name of the main site, and it is the currency that you must collect to get the funds

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Ethereum coin

Ethereum is the second most traded currency in the world. Many major companies have invested in this currency, such as Samsung and Microsoft, and this assures us that the future of this currency is very good in the competitive market

Ripple coin

It is a crypto-encrypted digital currency for exclusive use on the private Ripple network

Its main goal is to facilitate the process of transferring money quickly between buyers and merchants in general because they use different currencies, which sometimes makes it difficult to exchange and buy, especially the ripple price

Ripple has had many glory days in 2017, as it was worth more than $1 but at the moment its value has gone down a lot, and this fact is in the interest of investors as you can invest in it while it is low.

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Stellar coin

It is a generally low-priced coin, but its total value in the market makes it one of the largest digital currencies in the world

The approach of this currency is different from other currencies, as some of its tasks include combating poverty and providing financial assistance to people who do not have a bank account

Stellar Lumens has a market capitalization of $6.1 billion

Banana coin

Banana Coin, or what is known as Banana Coin, is a Chinese virtual currency that is traded online in addition to that it can be earned and obtained for free by working with profitable sites and applications spread on the web

The idea of ​​the currency is that it is an encrypted electronic currency and differs from Bitcoin in terms of prices, as it is taken from the price of a kilo of bananas in the global markets as an estimate of the price of the currency

This currency was invented in the Lao People's Democratic Republic and based in the Indochina Peninsula, the currency was established by the largest traders and farmers who export the finest types of bananas, which is known as "lady finger" and "six fingers", which is considered one of the most expensive bananas in the world. In order to encourage banana cultivation

The value of 1 Banana coin = $0.50, i.e. half a dollar for each coin of the Banana coin, and according to the official website of the coin, approximately 3.4 million coins have been sold until the date of this article was published

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Litecoin is the safest of the best currencies worth thinking about investing in with little and simple capital, the speed of transactions between it and Bitcoin is the only difference, it offers close to zero cost of transaction procedures and this is what makes it an ideal currency

The trading volume of Litecoin is high, as it occupies the tenth place in the list of the best currencies around the world and a very popular choice among investors, and this means that when you buy the currency, you will not find it difficult to sell it

You can permanently and completely control it and it is the perfect alternative to the rest of the digital currencies, and Litecoin has great expandability in Litecoin and its future is brilliant

The most important feature of the currency is the ability to buy it easily through international currencies such as the dollar and the euro

You can use credit or debit cards as well as bank transfers

Today's Litecoin price against the US dollar has reached more than 270.79 as of the date of this article's publication

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Tether coin

Tether is one of the most famous currencies among digital currencies. The value of the currency is linked to a reference point, unlike other currencies that suffer from fluctuation in its market value. This currency links its value directly to the US dollar, making it one of the most powerful currencies and attracting investors

It has a market capitalization of $24.4 billion

The value of digital currencies is constantly changing, and this thing can be considered an advantage and a negative at the same time. Investing in these currencies is the responsibility of the investor alone, but it is worth a try

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