Depression in the Elderly PDF : Symptoms, problems, solutions and ways to deal with them

In this article, we present to you an explanation of a topic about depression in the elderly and depression in the elderly pdf and full details about the herbal treatment of mental depression in the elderly and the identification of what are the causes and types of depression in the elderly and what are the most important problems of the elderly poison and their solutions and detailed information about the predispositions in the elderly Age and how to deal with stubborn elderly and people with dementia and Alzheimer’s psychologically for children and claiming illness among the elderly according to Islam Web, as well as how to deal with the depression of the elderly and the way to deal with parents in the elderly

Depression is a very serious disease as it affects all people of all ages, but especially the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases and those who suffer from significant mobility deficits.

The symptoms of depression in the elderly are diverse and different and must be well understood so as not to be misdiagnosed, so in this article we will explain “depression in the elderly”

What are the symptoms of depression in the elderly?

Symptoms of depression in the elderly are diverse and different, where depression can be observed in people if they for at least two weeks continuously lose interest and pleasure in all the activities they do

Also, special symptoms of depression in the elderly, such as the following symptoms:

feeling sluggish

Constant sadness

Constant concern about health and occupational problems

crying frequently

Noticeable changes in weight

Feeling of lack of own values

difficulty sleeping

Difficulty concentrating

There are many physical complaints

Not engaging in social activities

What are the causes of depression in the elderly?

Medical problems as well as chronic medical problems lead to the emergence and exacerbation of depression in elderly patients

Especially for life-threatening chronic diseases such as paralysis, cancer, stroke, heart disease, lupus, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis

Many people may confuse depression with dementia in the elderly, and this is completely different

As there are many similar symptoms, which at this stage must be distinguished between the two

What are the symptoms of depression

As for the symptoms of depression, they are the following:

The patient has difficulty concentrating

rapid mental decline

The patient's language and motor skills are slow but normal

The person has memory problems and confusion

As for dementia

The reaction in the mind is also slow

The patient will suffer from short-term memory

Special communication skills such as language, speaking and writing are weak

They won't notice or won't care that they have memory problems

Also, the patient will get confused and confuse dates and names

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that if an elderly person has any symptoms of depression, he should consult a doctor directly

This is because depression is a serious disease not only for the elderly, but for all age groups and greatly affects physical health, and specialists must intervene if a person has this disease

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