Description of life in the countryside : full details of the beauty of the nature of the countryside

In this article, we offer you an explanation of a topic about the description of life in the countryside and poetry about the countryside, and which is better, rural or city life? And why? And full details about the beauty of the nature of the countryside, a dialogue between the countryside and the city, and the definition of the countryside, and which is better, the countryside or the city? And why? In French, what is the difference between the countryside and the city, and a written expression for the description of the city for the year 2021 - 2022

There are many people who differ between which is better life in the country or life in the city

There is a large section that prefers life in the city with its services and luxury and many things that facilitate and give pleasure to life

In the same context, there is another group that prefers life in the countryside with its comfort, beautiful nature and healthy nature

Many people ask about "describing life in the countryside" and this topic will be explained in detail in this article

Description of life in the countryside and living in the countryside

Life in the countryside is an easy and healthy lifestyle, as rural residents mainly focus on agriculture and livestock. The lifestyle in the countryside is very different from the lifestyle in the city in terms of working hours.

The working hours in the city are many and most people find it difficult to find free time so that they can enjoy their time

As for life in the countryside and people there realize that they have a lot of time and many things can be done

The day of people in the countryside begins very early, as a person wakes up from 6 o'clock to go to the work of farming and his land, so people in the countryside sleep early

Business ends too early and the person himself controls this

The nature of relationships in the countryside is different from the city, where they are filled with love and solidarity, and they share joys and sorrows together.

The rural population may miss some materials, as in the city the person will find all the materials of all kinds that he is looking for. This does not apply to the countryside, as the number of shops is much less and the materials available are also less

Life in the countryside is very comfortable, where a person can enjoy nature and relaxation and also enjoy abundant healthy food with various types of fruits and vegetables.

The countryside may lack many things, the most important of which are health care centers, as if a person is required to undergo surgery, he must travel to the city to do so.

The prices of materials in the countryside are not as expensive as materials in the city, as it is possible to obtain the same product at a lower price.

The most characteristic of life in the countryside is that it is free from the noise of cars and others, and the air there is pure and healthy

When a person visits the countryside, the person notices that the house is surrounded by green spaces, and this gives a feeling of comfort. With the presence of all these factors, the person can live a healthy life in an integrated manner.

The person will notice that the services and government attention and the presence of government facilities in the countryside are few, as most of the streets are not fully equipped.

It is worth noting that government facilities for serving the people are not fully available

Life in the countryside is very safe, as all the people there know each other, and this helps to reduce the crime rate and lead a safe life significantly.

Life, whether in the countryside or in cities, has its own negatives and positives, and the person himself decides to live here or there better according to his requirements and the things he is looking for

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