Microsoft Office Word Free Download for Android apk and Tablet Full Version

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There are many people who want to download the famous Word program on their Android phones and are looking for the most appropriate way to do so

Therefore, in this article, we will highlight all the information that the user must know and also the appropriate way to download this program, the Word application

What is the word program and how to use it in Android

The word program is one of the applications of the Microsoft applications package, as it is dedicated to word processing and also allows the ability to enter words in electronic form, process them and output them as required according to the user’s desire

Where the files can be printed on paper or kept in electronic format, it is considered one of the most important programs produced by the American company Microsoft in word processing.

The first version of Word was in 1983, after which the program was developed to other versions until it reached the current form

What are the features of word app?

The Word program is characterized by many different and different features, including the following features:

Writing texts in many different and varied languages

The program provides the possibility of proofreading

A full page can be set up with adjusting margins, paper orientation, and many other options

You can control many things such as the type, size and direction of the font

Allows you to insert images, hierarchical layout, drawn text, and more

There is a special section to create a different table

The user can secure his file by creating a password for him, and this ensures that it will not be used by another person

Supports the ability to save files in many different formats such as a web page or pdf

The user can open the old and saved files and modify them

The user can print and preview files

The user can insert and manage references completely

There are also many properties that can be viewed such as the creation date of the file, file name and many other things

As we mentioned to you, there are many people who want to download the Word program on their Android phones and also different phones in different operating systems. This is possible.

As Microsoft made the program available not only on computers, but also on smart phones

As there are many different versions of this program that can be downloaded to smartphones

Whether in Android or iPhone systems, which can be used freely with all the features and features of the program on all versions and all devices

If a person wants to download Word for Android, he should click on this link listed below

To download the Word apk application with a direct link from here

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