What are the Downsides to Living in the Countryside?

In this article Essay about living in the countryside + Advantage and disadvantage of living in village , we present to you an explanation of the topic of what are the pros and cons of living in the countryside and the cons of living in the city, research on the pros and cons of living in the countryside, and what are the most prominent cons of living in the countryside in English, what are the solutions to rural problems and the pros of living in the village, describing life and living in the countryside and why Living in the village is better than the city and the simple problems of life in the countryside pdf Which is better, rural or city life? And why? And what are the solutions to the problems of the countryside through a previous dialogue on the foundations and criteria for distinguishing between rural and urban and rural roads?

The term countryside and its basic concept differs from one country to another in the Arab countries. This term denotes the agricultural areas in which there is no industrial activity

In developed countries, the countryside is the areas outside the city and is not necessarily linked to agricultural activity. It is also a large green area and the population density is less than the city

Life in the countryside is simple and also healthy, full of fresh air and disease-free

People and farmers are interested in crops such as vegetables, olive trees, wheat and many other kinds

It is worth noting that rural women take care of livestock and also help in these works

Since life in the countryside is equal for all people, there are no classes between them, and they are interconnected, haring joys and sorrows, and it is built on the foundation of love.

In addition to these advantages and the beauty of rural life, there are many special difficulties and negatives in living in the countryside, and this topic will be explained in detail in this article.

What are the downsides to living and living in the countryside?

There are many special negatives to living in the countryside, including the following negatives, obstacles and difficulties:

The transportation problem in the countryside

The difficulty of providing transportation and the countryside is far from the city, which means the lack of transportation to take them to the city or to any other place

In the same context, the rural roads are poor, narrow, and have many difficulties

The countryside is devoid of health and education services

The countryside in general may be devoid of hospitals, so if a person has to go to the hospital, he must go to the hospitals in the city

From an educational point of view, there may be schools, but secondary school and universities are not present in the city. If a person decides to study in one of these facilities, he must travel long distances.

Twice the per capita income in the countryside

Those who live in the countryside depend mainly on agricultural crops, and this means weak incomes, especially if the person does not own a large area of ​​land

The countryside is devoid of city services

The countryside does not have many of the services in the city, such as sports and social stadiums, restaurants and large parks. There are also few job opportunities, and this is due to the lack of planets, a large population density inside the countryside

Feeling isolated from the city

There are many rural areas that have not yet seen the modern means of communication, the Internet, and communication devices in the entire culture of this matter, but the Internet brings the distances between rural and urban areas closer

This problem can be solved by helping to spread awareness of how to use modern means of communication, and this matter will help bring all places closer, not only cities

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