Ecommerce and Free Trade Stores Cons : Suggestions for Addressing the Negatives

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what are the negatives of e-stores and the negatives of free trade, and suggestions to address the negatives and problems of e-commerce, and what are the pros and cons of e-commerce and the online retail online store to make money from the Internet by working in the field of successful e-marketing, and knowing the most important advantages of shopping in The store, the requirements of an online store, and how to create a new online store and profit from it in USA, Canada, Australia, Austria, Israel, Congo, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines, Venezuela, Britain and India Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hungary, South Africa, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Gabon, cambodia, Japan, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and all countries of the world also for the year 2021 - 2022

Online stores are a site or platforms through which a person can buy and sell products, services or information by relying on the Internet.

As the online stores contain lists in which the products in these stores are displayed, as well as all the complete information about these products

In the past years, e-commerce has witnessed a great demand by shoppers, and there are also many people who go to it to purchase their needs.

This is what made it one of the most important types of trade, especially in the crisis caused by the Corona virus around the world, which made many shops and companies close

Many customers, as well as merchants, have turned to electronic stores and e-commerce

There are many special features in online stores which are that they allow users to buy products at any time and from anywhere in the world

This gives great flexibility for e-commerce and electronic stores, as the customer will not have to leave the house at specific hours that may not suit the person's circumstances.

Online shopping has been resorted to via smart phones and computers via electronic stores, and also one of the most important advantages of electronic stores is that they offer different payment methods

The online store offers many different payment methods such as credit cards or cash on delivery and many other methods that suit users and the customer can choose the most appropriate

Buying without geographical restrictions is one of the most important advantages of e-commerce

One of the advantages of e-commerce is that a person can buy or sell anywhere in the world without any restrictions in the geographical location and access to the customer

There are many methods and tools that can be used in e-commerce that help in reaching and targeting the customer easily through advertisements, and also this helps in raising the demand and the percentage of profits

Disadvantages of online stores

There are many advantages as well as special defects in electronic stores that must be viewed and know how to deal with them to benefit as much as possible from e-commerce, whether for consumers or merchants

There are many special defects in electronic stores that must be considered, the most important of which are the following:

Difficulty selling at the beginning of the project

It may be difficult to obtain the trust of customers, as there are many people who have been subjected to fraud from other stores, and there are many suggestions to address and solve the problems and negatives of e-commerce

Difficulty in dealing with stores in a new way

As each store has a way of designing and displaying products, and this may make the customer confused

The online store owner must also have included high levels of protection, in order to protect against hacker attacks, and this is to avoid losses for customers or the store owner.

Shipping price hike

Sometimes the shipping may be international, and in this matter the shipping costs may rise in some electronic stores

But on the other hand, there are many online stores that provide free shipping if the price of the products exceeds a specific percentage

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