Education Problems in the Countryside and Rural Society ? Solve the problem of education

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what are the most important problems of education in the countryside, how to develop the countryside, how to solve the problem of education in the countryside and all the countryside of countries, education in rural and urban areas, how to solve education problems in rural areas and what is their relationship to the problem of e-learning and distance education for the year 2021-2022

Many people ask many questions regarding rural areas, where I, as it is known, are many people who are divided into two parts, those who prefer rural areas and live in them and those who prefer cities to live in

What are the problems of education in the countryside and rural society?

In general, this issue raises many questions and people are looking for answers to them, and among these questions is "What are the problems of education in the countryside?"

The countryside in the Arab regions, as a definition of it, is the areas that are based on agriculture and livestock and are far from cities

As for European countries, they are only places far from cities and are not linked to livestock or agriculture

There are also many positives, especially in the countryside, and special positives in cities, and one of the most important of these positives is in the countryside:

The rural community is distinguished by its healthy nature, as the air there is free of special toxins in factories and cars

Food in the countryside is healthy, such as vegetables or fruits, and free of chemicals

There is also an important advantage in the countryside, which is that the places in the village and the streets are free from traffic congestion, and this will help not to waste time in transportation

Also, people living in the countryside notice that the time a person who lives in the countryside has is much greater than the time that a person who lives in cities has.

As in the city, a person will be committed to a certain job for long hours, and this is different in the countryside

As a person's private time is his property, he can go to his own business at any time and at his will without the need to be restricted by anyone

The most prominent special problems in education in the countryside

As for some of the negatives, there are many special problems in education, which we will focus on in detail in this article

It is also known that the rural areas do not receive the government’s interest in the private educational or health facilities, as they are weak, and this is what makes the basic schools only the ones located in the countryside

And if a person wishes to complete his studies in secondary schools, he must travel to neighboring areas, and in this matter and with poor transportation, it will pose a problem, so if he wants to go to the mosque, he will have to move to the cities

As for the special equipment available in schools located in the countryside, it is very weak, such as heating, tools suitable for education and many other things that must be present and available in educational facilities, and this may be lacking in the countryside

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