Effects of Cyberbullying Research Paper pdf : Information on types, damages and causes of bullying

effects of cyberbullying research paper pdf , In this article, we present to you a research explanation on cyberbullying pdf, information about cyberbullying, types of cyberbullying, what are the harms of cyberbullying on children, stories about cyberbullying, what are the causes of cyberbullying and cyberbullying in Iraq, and questions about the definition of cyberbullying for the year 2021-2022

Many people are looking for private information about cyberbullying, as with the spread of the Internet and the use of the Internet in many matters and the spread of private accounts in all people around the world on social networking sites, cyberbullying has become widely spread

So people are looking for information about this bullying so that it can be avoided and also get to know it better

What is the definition of cyberbullying?

Cyber ​​bullying is a process using digital technologies that can occur on social networking sites, as well as private messaging platforms, mobile phones and gaming platforms

As this behavior is frequently repeated and also its main goal is to provoke, defame and frighten the people who are being bullied as an example of that

Lies about someone or embarrassing pictures of them can be posted on social media

Many people have received malicious messages and threats on social media

Many people who impersonate other people and send embarrassing messages to others

Cyber-bullying differs from direct face-to-face bullying that cyber-bullying is digital in nature and takes place through the Internet

What are the disadvantages of cyberbullying?

There are many effects and special damages in cyberbullying that it leaves on a person, and they are the following damages:

When cyber bullying occurs, the person who is being bullied will feel that he is being attacked everywhere in the house, on the street and others, and this may affect the long-term in his personality in many ways, including

Emotional A person who is exposed to cyberbullying and bullying of all kinds will lose interest in many things

The most important damages of cyberbullying is feeling ashamed and weak personality

Mentally, the person will feel angry, embarrassed and also feel ashamed constantly

The body of the person who has been cyberbullied, especially children, will also be affected

A person who has been bullied can reach the stages of suffering physical pain such as stomach pain, headache and insomnia, and this may affect the person’s academic achievement

What do you do if you are subjected to electronic bullying?

If a person is subjected to cyberbullying, they should first seek help from a trusted person such as a parent, sibling or family member

If bullying is present in the school, you can contact the social counselor or teachers

If bullying occurs on social media platforms, bullies can be banned and also officially report their accounts and behaviors

Social media companies will be committed to keeping users safe and will review the report and text messages and screenshots can be used and taken as evidence of bullying

If the person receives a direct threat and danger, he must contact the police, security and emergency services located in the country, such as the Cyber ​​and Information Crimes Court

Therefore, the person who is subjected to any form of bullying must take the necessary measures and refer to trusted people until the problem is stopped

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