Electronic Wallets : Types of Electronic Wallets and the Method of Registration

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what are electronic wallets and electronic wallets, the Bank of the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Singapore, Egypt, USA, the United States of America and southeast Asia, what are the best types of electronic wallets and the method of registering in the electronic wallet with the link to download the electronic wallet application, in addition to an explanation The most important negatives, disadvantages, advantages and risks of electronic wallets for the year 2021 and 2022

Detailed information about e-wallets

Electronic wallets are one of the types of electronic cards that are used in many commercial and financial transactions via the Internet

This is done by using a computer or smart boards, which are somewhat similar to credit cards

It is possible to link the electronic wallet with the person’s bank account, in order to complete many operations via the Internet, through the electronic wallet and bank accounts through electronic wallets

The monthly payments or the financial payments that the user wishes to pay can be made

The electronic wallet in general depends on the presence of a balance in advance in the person’s account and the person can use this balance electronically, where the owner of the wallet can put money in it for use at a later time

The electronic wallet has high levels of security and protection, and thus the wallet can be protected by inserting a password that allows its owner to use it personally away from any attempts to access it from third parties

What are the types of electronic wallets?

The types of electronic wallet that a person can choose between them vary, depending on the nature of the operations that will be carried out, including the following types:

Smartphone wallet

This type of electronic wallet works using smart phones, where information such as the electronic payment card is stored on the phones and used comfortably

This type of e-wallet is widely used in e-commerce, as well as many online purchases

paper wallets

Paper wallets are electronic wallets that are highly secure, but not connected to the Internet

This wallet is used to store digital currencies such as Bitcoin, as there is a special code written on the piece and this code can be used to create transactions

Hardware province

This wallet is in the form of devices that can be connected to a computer in the form of USB. It is also not connected to the Internet, and only its use code can be created

There is a secret code for each user and there are many wallets specialized in this type

Web wallet

This type is one of the most widespread and also flexible, as it is possible to create an electronic wallet by logging in from any device connected to the Internet

This type may contain some risks because the electronic wallet on the Internet may be exposed to hacking and electronic piracy

What are the advantages of electronic wallets?

The special features of the e-wallet vary, the most important of which are the following:

Ease and convenience of payment

High efficiency in use

The organization that contains these portfolios

Security and high confidentiality and completeness

Ease and speed of performance

Low cost and low price

Offer discounts and many rewards

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