How to make money online for free (Etsy Website To Make Money from the Internet)

In this article how to make money online for free as a teenager, we offer you an explanation of the Etsy website for making money from the Internet for beginners without capital, how to earn from the Etsy website, the way to open a new store on Etsy, and learn how to buy from the Etsy website and how to sell designs on the Etsy website, which is similar to Printify, Teespring, and Printvoile 2021-2022

Etsy is one of the most famous international websites specialized in the process of selling various products, such as clothes, shoes, wedding supplies and accessories

In short, any product that is made manually, as these products belong to the owner and not to the site

Explain what is etsy Website

Etsy is a website that is primarily based on direct selling, where people make accessories, clothes and all handicrafts.

This is by displaying it on the site so that other users can view it

The site allows all users to create their own stores, and this opens the way for them to sell their own products

The site has a large number of visitors and its cost is low, and this leads to increased sales opportunities

How to register on etsy Website

After entering the Etsy website, you must click on sell on Etsy

In the next step, you must click on Open your etsy shop

The registration method is possible through the Facebook account or through the Google account

In the next step, the subscriber’s country and currency must be determined, and a question is asked whether the work on the site is permanent or part-time work

In the next step, the user's store name must be specified. The site does not allow matching store names and must try more than once to find the available name

Later, you must click on Add Listin, as this list allows adding pictures of products and more than one picture of the product can be added from several angles

Increasing the number of products helps to appear to customers on the site

After doing this process with the addition of products on the site, an amount of 20 cents must be paid, but the process of paying it will be after four months and not directly

Product details can be added to the product title, which helps customers in the purchase process

It is also possible to add the history of the product’s manufacture and who made it and what it consists of. All information must be added because it gives confidence to the customer. The product must also write the product features for the customer to review

In the next stage, the price of the product and the available quantity are determined

After the customer selects the product and orders it from the site, the shipping country, the special time for the arrival of the order, and the time for processing it are determined

The freight value that the customer will pay inside the country or abroad is also calculated

There are many famous shipping companies around the world, including Aramex, FedEx and many of them

How to get money from Etsy Website

It is recommended to use the PayPal method, which is available all over the world

You must do set up billing

It is to add the user's visa data through which bills are paid, add products and paid advertisements, as well as product promotions

After doing all these steps, the user is fully ready to start the selling process on etsy

Etsy Website registration link here

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