Examples of Saving : 5 examples from life that help you save other than saving money

In this article, we offer you an explanation of examples of saving, modern saving methods, examples of saving institutions and forms of saving through examples that help you save other than saving money and examples from life that help you save other than saving money through the easiest ways to save from monthly salary and expenditure, comprehensive and complete research on saving And saving money and what is the difference between saving and investing and research on saving PDF and what is the importance and benefits of saving and what do you know about popular proverbs about saving money and tweets about saving and how to learn ideas about saving money and financial saving for the year 2021-2022

There are many people who have turned to saving, in order to save money that is basically redundant and not needed so as not to be spent on unnecessary matters.

The idea of ​​saving is mainly based on saving money and saving it for the time of its need to achieve a specific goal for the person.

There are many people who have recently realized the value of saving, because of the difficulty of life that has begun to surround people, and also because they have realized the importance of saving.

5 best examples from life that help you save other than saving money

There are many questions that are asked about saving, and one of the most important of these questions is “examples of saving” and this topic will be explained in detail in this article.

There are many examples that can be mentioned for the successful savings operations that people made.

Opening a savings bank account (savings account)

Through this savings and savings bank account, the monthly salary will be transferred to the bank at the beginning of each month, and the amount agreed upon by the customer and the bank will be deducted before opening the savings account

This is what makes the bank take the money allocated for saving and put it in another account away from exchange operations

This method and this example have been used by many people because they see it as a very special method

Use of credit cards Visa Card - Master Card

There are also, as an example of saving, many people who follow a method, which is the method of using credit cards, which is a method that saves a person from carrying change.

As it is known that the small money that is lost here and there and on things of no value is the most money that depletes salaries

As with the use of credit cards, a person can keep change in his balance without losing it here and there

Rely on the 50% strategy

There are also many people who follow the 50% method and strategy, which is a very special way that a person can save a lot through.

This method is a person who will remove 50% of his monthly salary and put the amounts allocated for saving, in order to spend the other 50% on his daily expenses and basic needs.

Relying on the piggy bank

There is also an example of investing, which may be an old method, but it is still approved by many people, which is the piggy bank

Having a piggy bank in front of a person makes him put in it all the money and exchanges that he gets and fall into his hands, in order to preserve them from loss, and this method helps a person to preserve small funds and accumulate them until they constitute a large amount

Follow the list method to save

A person can also follow the method of lists, as a person can show a list at the beginning of the month of the basic savings that he wants to maintain and not spend, and also make another list of basic needs that must be purchased

This is so that he knows where the money is and where it goes, and to protect the money from wasting it on things of no value

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