Explain the Process of Cryptocurrency Mining for Beginners from Zero to Professional

You will find here a comprehensive guide explaining what is the process of mining with digital currencies , This article gives a general idea for beginners about mining operations and an answer to users’ questions, namely: What is electronic mining and what are the best sites for mining ethereum bitcoin from the phone from your device for free 2020 - 2021 - 2022

What are the most popular and popular digital currencies?

The best methods of mining cryptocurrency in Canada, America, Australia, Britain, Finland, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Ireland, India, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Iceland, Italy, France, Sweden, Russia, Ghana, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, China and Malaysia, Peru, Angola, Congo, Mexico, Gabon, Colombia and all countries of the world Cryptocurrency mining, detailed explanation from scratch to professionalism

The process of cryptocurrency mining generally means the process of solving complex mathematical problems

As mining professionals are the basis of all networks for digital currencies

As mining professionals spend a lot of time and effort on computers to solve math problems, which is generally called a private network proof of work

Which is done via transactions called ether, also the people responsible for mining must generate ether tokens in these operations

These specialists get rewards in the form of Ether for successfully completing the mission

Mining, in other words, is people taking block metadata containing timestamp and program version via a hash function

Which in turn creates a random and sensitive series of numbers and letters, which is called a hash

If specialists find a hash that matches the target, the block is considered to have been mined


Bitcoin is currently one of the best and most expensive digital currencies in the cryptocurrency market, as it has gained the trust of many businessmen around the world and has proven its strength. You can learn more about this currency, enter the following article:

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Bitcoin has achieved a great spread in the past years and is currently on the throne of digital currencies, and one of the best currencies that you can invest in is the best currency currently

You can learn more about bitcoin, how to earn and get it for free, and how to invest bitcoin safely through the following articles:

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The trading volume of Litecoin is high, as it occupies the tenth place in the list of the best currencies around the world and a very popular choice among investors, and this means that when you buy the currency, you will not find it difficult to sell it

You can permanently and completely control it and it is the perfect alternative to the rest of the digital currencies, and Litecoin has great expandability in Litecoin and its future is brilliant

The most important feature of the currency is the ability to buy it easily through international currencies such as the dollar and the euro

You can use credit or debit cards as well as bank transfers

Today's Litecoin price against the US dollar has reached more than 270.79 as of the date of this article's publication

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Dash currency has made a lot of progress in the field of digital currencies, and its financial value has risen and competed with other currencies, as the value of one currency from Dash currency reached more than 300 dollars

Dash coin is the perfect alternative to bitcoin, as the price of bitcoin has become an imaginary price compared to other currencies

How Dash currency works, it is transmitted through an open source platform for currency trading and occupies seventh place in the list of the best digital currencies in the world. You can pay with Dash currency in the App Store application as well, which directly confirms that the currency has a successful future

Maintains the privacy and confidentiality of its owner during the purchase or acquisition process

The price of Dash coin began to rise in 2017, reaching at the present time to $ 300 per coin, which is a great development

To find out more details about Dash Coin, enter here

Dogecoin coin

This currency is symbolized by DOGE and it means Dogecoin, this currency became in the year 2021, the story of this currency that it was invented by the designers who own just kidding

Perhaps you may know it, as it is a famous meme as well, bearing the image of a dog as its logo. It has become one of the best digital currencies in the market after more than 100 billion coins were traded. DOGE outperformed Bitcoin in 2021 as its value increased by 45%

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BMF coin

The beer money forum is a large website loved by users, this site specializes in providing points in exchange for doing some tasks and these points can be converted into money, noting that the way to obtain points is very easy and simple

It is a foreign site that enjoys high credibility by users, you must first log in to it, and the site will automatically allow you ways to earn points and points can be converted into money every 1,000 points that make up $ 1 which enables you to withdraw your money via Paypal

The currency that the site adopts is the BMF currency, which stands for an abbreviation of the name of the main site, and it is the currency that you must collect to get the funds

To know more details about this coin, read the following article:

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stellar coin

This coin was created to meet customized needs in the cryptocurrency world

It is basically a paypal platform for cryptocurrency and acts as an intermediary between banks and blockchain networks

Allows you to trade digital currencies better and easier

tether coin

This currency is linked to the US dollar and is one of the most stable currencies in the world of digital currencies

As each tether unit contains one dollar in the US central bank which makes it very special

Ripple coin

This currency is distinct because it provides international transactions for investors

The money transfer transaction in banks takes 10 days, but in the transactions provided by this currency, it takes a few seconds

To know more details about this currency, enter the following article:

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Ethereum coin

It is a private currency and network that allows users to create their own cryptocurrency

It is a highly advanced currency in the currency competition market

It proved its value in the market in a short time

You can learn more about the best cryptocurrencies that can be mined, invested, and earn money from by reading the following article:

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Nicehash platform

The company was established in 2014 and has a great feature which is to automatically prepare the most profitable cryptocurrencies

The head office of the owner company is in Hong Kong

The mining process in general is what increases the profits of the owner of these coins, and it is a basic requirement for many

The mining process is the use of a computer to solve many huge mathematical operations that consume a lot of energy

The mining process was initially used by graphics which perform this task faster but consume a lot of energy

To learn more about this great mining platform, visit the following article:

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Nanopool site

The Nanopool site provides an easy-to-use interface in general. After entering the site, you must click on the quick start located under the Ethereum icon at the bottom of the page

The site will offer steps for installing Claymore miner as well as easy steps to prepare the user's configuration file

After inserting the configuration file in the location of the extracted file, you must press the start .bat button and the workers will start the mining process

After setting up the miners, it is only necessary to monitor the user's cards and they get a monthly income

The site offers many different mining operations, not only in Ethereum, such as: Ethereum classic, Zcash, Monero, Raven, Conflux, Ergo

To know more information about this great mining platform, go to the following article:

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Genesis Mining Platform

This company is located in Hong Kong and is considered one of the best platforms for mining around the world because it offers many features to users

It is a high-quality mining site that accepts all people to register and includes many unique plans to earn bitcoins

There are free plans and paid plans as well. You can choose what suits you

You can also try the free plan and then choose the paid plans for mining

And it does not require you to do anything, just register a new account on the site and find the link to register on the site below

After opening a new account, you place your bitcoin wallet and the site will start generating a faucet supplying your bitcoin wallet.

You can learn more about this site and how to work with it from the following article:

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Bitcoin Pool

This company has a high popularity and provides the ability to use it through applications available on smart phones

Hash flare platform

This company provides many options for cryptocurrency and different purchases, which made it very popular

Hashing 24 platform

This company has made many contracts with large companies, which gives it the advantage of reliability

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