How To Create a Faucetpay Wallet + Withdraw Cryptocurrency from Faucetpay

In this post, we present to you a detailed explanation of how to create a new wallet in faucetpay and find out what is a Faucetpay wallet, how to open a new account, register on the Faucetpay website, log in, and how to withdraw digital currencies and money through this wonderful and easy wallet, and activate faucetpay faucets to start earning cryptocurrencies 2021 and collect Cryptocurrencies and managing them safely and 100% guarantee from the VestPay wallet and how to download VestPay 2022

A lot of people interested in the cryptocurrency field are seeking to have their own electronic wallet, and Faucetpay wallet is the best in this field

The site is a wallet for collecting digital currencies in all its forms such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin and many other virtual and digital electronic currencies

The topic is mainly based on the idea of ​​receiving small amounts of different currencies to avoid paying large and expensive commissions, and the Faucetpay wallet supports 8 different digital currencies and the most popular one is BTC

What are the ways to earn from Faucetpay ?

When you register on the company's general website, the interface of the site will appear to you. There is a small button at the top called Earn. You will see 3 basic ways to profit from the site: Faucet List

In this way, when you click on the word, a set of bitcoins will appear in your wallet. You can get satoshis from these currencies directly without creating any account

As for the rest of the existing currencies, you must create an account and work hard on it and withdraw your profits

These groups are divided into sections, and each section is dedicated to a specific currency, and if you want to win Bitcoin, click on the name of the currency you want

When you click on the currency, many ways will appear for you to win this currency that you have chosen

Click on the word view next to the screen and the site will transfer you to your source and the profit process will begin, and you can earn money through the following sites:

1. DupliNow Website

DupliNow is a very wonderful new profit site that enables people and enables its users to earn money through many ways, but it mainly depends on the principle of investing and collecting coins to get the largest possible amount of coins and withdraw them through the payment methods that the site provides to you

There are also many payment proofs and we will put for you at the bottom a proof of withdrawal from the DupliNow site, which proves to you that it is a 100% honest and reliable site and pays profits to you on a regular basis once the minimum withdrawal limit is reached

DupliNow was launched about 60 days ago (until the date of this article was published!) and has many reviews that confirm to us and you the credibility of the site and works with more than 20 thousand users and members around the world and has paid users and people who work with it so far more than 2500 thousand dollars, despite the short period in which the site worked

Once you register on the site, you will claim the gift and you will get 510 coins through which you will buy the machine from the first level and so on ... Raise the level for each machine through the profits you get

You can withdraw profits on a daily and immediate basis by entering the “Coins exchange” section, and you can request a withdrawal through a Payeer account with a minimum of 0.02$, which needs you to have 200 digital currencies only, or through Dogecoin, or through Faucetpay or Bitcoin by entering the wallet number

To register on the DupliNow website, enter here

2. Offer walls

This way you can profit from it by answering paid surveys and questionnaires, answering various questions and completing tasks, as by doing certain tasks you will get points and every 400 points you get equals $1

3. bitcoin professional site is based on the “Paid to click” profit system, a specialized way to earn through ads, where you click on the customized ads and wait from 7 to 60 seconds only. This method enables you to earn an amount between 150 to 500 satoshi on a daily basis

How to exchange currency in Faucetpay wallet

On the main page of the wallet, you will find an option called coin swap. This option allows you to exchange any currency you have for another

The process takes a few seconds and the transfer process takes place at the same moment, the only negative point in this service is the commission that the wallet takes more than other sites

How to save money in Faucetpay wallet

In the beginning you have to know that there is no minimum amount that you want to add, on the main page of the site, search for the Deposit button and click on it, a page will appear showing you the operations supported by the currencies in your area

Now you put the address in the site you want to withdraw from and the process will be completed successfully and correctly, but do not forget to check the address well before the process

It is worth noting that the Faucetpay wallet offers a very advantage, which is that when you invite someone to join the site and that person earns, you will also earn a percentage of his profits for life and excellent commissions

To register and create a Faucetpay wallet enter here

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