Google Assistant Features : What is Google Assistant and how to activate Google Assistant in English

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the most important features of the Google Assistant and what is the Google Assistant, how to activate the Google Assistant in Arabic or English, Turkish, Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Iranian languages, and explain how to activate more features of the Google Assistant, talk to Google, and download the Google Voice Assistant APK for Android and iOS for iPhone and pc for computer and laptop, Google Voice Assistant and the topic of Hello Google Assistant for those who ask I want to hear a joke from Google Assistant and how can I talk to Google through the Google Assistant website and download the Google Go Voice Assistant application in English

Google introduced its smart voice assistant during the developer conference in 2016, as Google focuses heavily on developing artificial intelligence technologies

What is Google Assistant? What are the most important features of the Google Assistant and how to activate it?

The giant Google has included many features for its personal assistant and is also continuously introducing many features in a modern way, so this article will explain the "features of the Google Assistant"

The advantage of using natural sounds

The CEO of Google has stated that they strive to make this voice assistant more natural and comfortable to talk to

The company has added many voices to the digital assistant, and the company has also added more than six new voices, in order to suit the users' preferences

to activate the Google voice assistant, the user must say “Hi Google,” but the company has included the continuous conversation feature, which allows the user to talk continuously with the Google Assistant

Inclusion of a new design feature

The special application in the Google Assistant has got a new and completely different and better design, in order to display many of the user’s private information and also on different smart screens, whether on Android phones and iPhones

polite request feature

A very cool feature that Google Voice Assistant has added is polite request

As this helps children especially when they want to ask something from the Google Assistant they should say please

This will be appreciated by the Google Assistant and the child will thank you for this

Reservations feature

The Google Assistant is able to do conversations with all businesses such as hairdressing salons, restaurants and airports, as the Google Assistant can do this without human intervention

The feature of sending WhatsApp messages

There are many people who are tired of long written conversations, Google has a great solution for this, which will allow the user to send the message in the form of a written message, but you only have to record the voice and the Google Assistant will write the words

The feature of adding commands for the same user

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Google Assistant is the addition of commands for the user himself, this feature is available to many users and is the inclusion of their own commands

Where the user can create his own voice commands and add them to the Google Assistant, in order to get to know them better by the assistant

Quick alarm setting feature

Google Assistant allows the ability to set the alarm, as there are many people who go to bed and forget to set the alarm by voice commands only through the Google Assistant

Feature to see weather conditions and general news

Google Assistant can read important news if a person is already busy with a certain thing so that he can be asked about weather conditions and also can be asked about daily news

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