How To Re-Upload Videos on YouTube and Profit from Them in a Legal Way

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to re-upload videos on YouTube and profit from them in a legal way, knowing the best YouTube video publishing sites, the conditions for publishing a video on YouTube, and videos without rights and in high resolution investable on YouTube, and how to protect videos on the YouTube channel to increase profits significantly for the year 2021 and 2022

Many people who own a channel on the YouTube platform but do not have content, so they search for videos that can be re-uploaded to make profits from them through royalty-free and high-resolution videos that can be invested on YouTube

The process of monetizing videos on YouTube depends on ads or the number of views, but as we mentioned, some may suffer from poor ability to upload videos because they do not have premium content

Earn 57 thousand dollars from re-uploading videos on YouTube without creating a channel by deleting the copyrights from the video

There are many people looking for videos that can be re-uploaded on the YouTube channel and profit from them, videos without rights and in high resolution that can be invested on YouTube, and the way to delete the property rights from the video and profit from YouTube without uploading the videos

The types of YouTube videos that can be re-uploaded and profit from it

Youtube license This type is used by most users as it preserves the rights of ownership of the video and does not enable others to steal the video

Creative commons This type of video can be re-uploaded, but after obtaining the special license from the original video owner, and you must follow some special conditions

Public domain This type means that there are videos that do not have ownership rights or have lost them, which means that they can be re-uploaded easily without any problem

After knowing the types of videos that exist and how to choose among them, we will learn how to upload videos on the YouTube platform

The first steps to profit from re-uploading videos posted on YouTube

After logging in, you must be logged into Creator Studio

In the menu on the right of the screen, select the Create button

And then click on the video editor button

The video editor page will open and search for existing types of videos, including public or licensed, or the ability to create a private video

After that, after finding the video at the bottom, there is the option to take the video, which allows the ability to edit it and re-upload it

After completion, you must click on the Create video button and choose the video

Now you must wait for the YouTube team to review and it will automatically appear on the channel

Ways to get videos legally without violations

Some may look for ways to find videos that can be removed legally, so we will present the two best sites from which videos can be taken legally and without any problems

mazawi site

This site offers many free and non-copyrighted videos, so users can easily re-upload the videos without problems

To enter the site from here

Site Archive

This site also provides a lot of unprotected videos and can be republished freely

To enter the site from here

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