Ideas About Bullying for Children : The Phenomenon of Bullying and What Are The Types

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There are many parents who see their children suffering from the special negative effects that accompany bullying, whether it is personal bullying or bullying on the Internet, and this enters parents in a cycle of questions to help and protect their children from bullying and violence, or if they are the bullies and this is something harmful

That is why many people are wondering, and this topic will be explained in this article, the following topic: "Ideas about Bullying for Children"

What is the definition of bullying?

Bullying is a repeated act that people do against people who are weaker than them, as the bully may repeatedly inflict physical or psychological harm on other people.

Bullying is a behavior that occurs frequently and not once, as bullying people usually suffer from a lack of self-confidence

They do this because they perceive themselves to be in a position of strength or superior to other children, such as children who are larger and more physically strong and who are gaining popularity among their peers

Children who are most likely to be bullied are people from poor families, people who have a different gender identity, people with a specific disability, refugees or displaced people.

Bullying in children in general can occur directly or via the Internet via social media or other platforms

Why should parents intervene if a child is being bullied?

Bullying has many negative and long-term effects on the child and also contains effects on the child's body and psychological and emotional problems that may appear later.

This affects mental health, and the child may experience anxiety, depression, and decline in performance at school

What can parents do to prevent bullying for children?

There are many steps that can be taken to keep the child safe from bullying

The child must be educated about the issue of bullying, as the child when he knows that this act is bullying will be able to easily realize it, whether it happens to the child herself or someone else

Parents should talk to the child frequently and also in an open manner

As the child is more reassured if the conversation is open or if he is bullied or witnessed one of the children being bullied, he will talk about the matter

Parents should help the child set an example for bullying

What are the types of bullying?

The types of bullying are the bully and the bully, as well as the person who stood by and watched who is being bullied for children in particular.

A child can be taught if he witnesses bullying to defend the victim and provide support and also deter bullying behaviors in all its forms

Parents should also enhance the child's self-confidence, as the child can be made to join activities they love

This will help them build trust and also get to know a new group of friends

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