Immigration to Work in New Zealand : Detailed information about work visa and tourism

In this article, we present to you an explanation of the topic of immigration to New Zealand 2021 and important information about the work and tourism visa for New Zealand to be able to stay and work in it, and what is immigration to New Zealand for work and job opportunities in Wellington Territory for the year 2021 and 2022 Job opportunities in NewZealand + how to search for work in New Zealand without a certificate and without experience, and what are the easiest ways to migrate and asylum to new zealand and what is the easiest way for you to travel to NewZealand to work and get a vacancy and a work contract easily and what do you know about free residence for sale and what is the cost of a work visa and what is the price of a New Zealand visa 5 years How to obtain a work permit and detailed information on a work visa

There are a lot of people who want to travel to New Zealand to get jobs and job opportunities, as it is known that New Zealand is the largest economically developed country that puts out thousands of vacancies on a daily basis.

It also provides high salaries and a high level of well-being to the people who live there, and in fact this is the goal of many citizens, foreigners, expatriates, non-residents, and everyone who wants and dreams of traveling to New Zealand who go to it from Arab countries and foreign countries with the aim of work

How to immigrate to work in New Zealand

In this article, we will present the "way to immigrate to New Zealand for work" and the most important thing that we will explain here is what is the general information related to work and immigration to New Zealand

If a person wants to travel to New Zealand to find work, he must have obtained a work visa before entering New Zealand that will enable him to obtain and enter New Zealand

In other words, if a person enters New Zealand on a visa other than a work visa, he will be prohibited from engaging in any business activity and will not be able to obtain a job

What are visas to travel to New Zealand?

There are many visas that allow a person to enter New Zealand and they will be talked about, including the following visas:

New Zealand tourist visa

This tourist visa allows its holder to enter New Zealand from 30 days to 90 days

If a person wants to obtain this visa initially, he must submit an account statement for three months to his bank account

The amount in it should not be less than 5000 dirhams, and all procedures and other documents must also be submitted to obtain a tourist visa

This visa does not enable the person to work, but rather enables him to search for work in New Zealand. If the person wishes to look for work, he can benefit from this visa

New Zealand work visa details

This visa allows its holder to legally benefit from all the benefits that residents of New Zealand obtain

Where this visa can be obtained by applying to one of the jobs and after approval of it, the employer will secure the work visa for the person

After submitting documents and information to the New Zealand Ministry of Labor, the most important of these steps is to fill out the form for obtaining a work visa in Arabic

A copy of the company's commercial register, business immigration card and a copy of the employee's passport must be submitted

Also, a copy of a valid contract between the employer and employee and 4 travel-size photos of the employee must be submitted

After the employer obtains a work visa, a copy of it must be sent to the employee so that it can be shown at the airport

The contract is generally from one to five years and the costs, price and visa fees are NZD 10,000

If a person wants to immigrate to New Zealand with the intention of work, he must have the right to work through a New Zealand sponsor or company, or the other way is to travel there and search for work through a tourist visa

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