Download Instagram Plus Gold app Against ban with a direct link

In this post, we offer you to download Instagram Plus Gold app the free Instagram Plus app for Android, iPhone, and computer, a copy against the latest version with a direct link from Mediafire for the year 2021 and 2022

The most important features of the Instagram Plus Gold application version 1.10

The Instagram Plus Gold application is a terrible and distinctive program with fairy-tale features and is very popular and required by many pioneers of social networking sites and social media, especially the famous Instagram platform

We all know that in our time everyone has started spending time and enjoying social networking sites and many have become addicted to them to waste time and have fun and work as well as applications such as Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, IMO, Messenger and Instagram

Today we will show you an awesome version of the wonderful golden Instagram application that is full of mythical features and a lot of wonderful things have been added that you will not find in the basic Instagram version, we will mention to you some of the features in this version and what distinguishes it from the main Instagram application

This special version that we will offer you today for free is full of wonderful things that are very entertaining and has been released for all devices and the simplest, such as for Android and iPhone users

What is the Instagram Plus Gold application?

Instagram Plus Gold is a modified Instagram app that is available on Google Play and the Apple Store and has been developed by many experts such as Abu Arab and Abu Omar

It is also the golden Instagram that we will present to you. It has all the basic Instagram features, but there are some superstitious additions and features that make it distinct from others, and this is thanks to the developer Abu Arab, who put the mythical features inside this version

It is worth noting that you can run two Instagram accounts on one phone only, and this superstitious and wonderful feature, and you can also hide watching your stories and stories

You can also know your followers on Instagram, and its use is very simple and you will not face any problems inside the application, and the filters are very awesome

One of the most beautiful features of this version is that it allows you to download videos or photos from the application, and this feature you will not find inside the basic version of Instagram

You can download the story and status of your friends on Instagram, and you can open the profile pictures of the profile of other users within the application

It supports the ability to copy comments, and the bio is available , which makes it easy to use, and there are many other features that it provides to you, so download this golden Instagram application and enjoy the most beautiful moments

To download the Instagram Plus Gold apk against the ban for Android with a direct link from here

Link to download Instagram Plus Gold iOS for iPhone and iPad from here

To run Instagram Plus on PC, you must first download and run the BlueStacks program, and you can download it from here

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