Instamint Website To Profit from Instagram by Selling Posts and Photos and Stories

In this post, we present to you an explanation of the Instamint site to profit from Instagram by selling Instagram posts, photos and stories for a sum of money | The easiest way and the most prominent ideas to profit from Instagram without conditions to get a daily, weekly or monthly salary easily in easy and simple ways 2021 - 2022

The most important features of Instagram for making money

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites today

The site attracts millions of users on a daily basis and offers many features that make many people register and create accounts on it

Some may have asked about a way to earn money from this site, and here lies the answer to your question “Does Instagram pay money, does Instagram make money, how do celebrities earn from Instagram”

So in this article, we will show a new way to sell private posts on Instagram for money without the need for a profit from Insta course

And recently the spread of the concept of NFT, as it is a special way to certify various digital works, and there is a lot between this site and Texas Instruments

This method is a way to create a certificate approved in the Blockchain that makes the person the official owner of the intangible content

In this article, we will present an alternative that helps users sell their Instagram posts

Explanation of the site Instamint to profit from Instagram

Instagram includes a huge number of photos, not only personal photos, but paintings, photographs, etc

These images have cost a special effort and the public may want to purchase these publications. Here comes the role of this site

Allows you to sell your publications using NFT technology

Through this site, the user will be able to price the publications he wants to sell and receive their price in cryptocurrencies

The process of using and selling is very simple, and this is a special feature of the site

How to use Instamint, sell posts and earn money from Instagram

You must first log in to the instamint website and open a new account and log in to it by linking your Instagram account to it

In the next step, you must press the Connect Instagram button

The site will ask for some access permissions to take the user to the screen

In the next step, all the posts for the user will appear and there is a button at the bottom called Mint It, and this button is for selling posts

About displaying publications for sale at the desired price, you must wait for another person to enter and offer a price to bid and agree on the sale process

The site takes a small percentage of the amount of the sale

In this way, the user will be able to sell various publications on the Instagram platform to profit from Instagram

Instamint registration link here

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