My Work Experience in Germany : Secrets of Successful Finding a Job

In this article, we offer you an explanation of my experience working in Germany, what is the appropriate salary to live in Germany, what are the best vacant and vacant jobs, job opportunities in Germany, how to obtain a temporary and permanent work permit for refugees and citizens, working conditions in Germans, important information and complete details to avoid failure + Secrets of success in searching, finding a job, a job opportunity and knowing the right salary to live in Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin from 2020, 2021 and until 2022

Germany is full of high-rise buildings and towers, and also contains a large number of expatriates, Syrian refugees and all nationalities in the world from all countries of the world

There are a lot of vacant and vacant jobs and excellent job opportunities for people who are fresh graduates or people who have experience

Where Germany is one of the most developed European countries in the Gulf region in all respects, so in this article we will highlight the topic of "working in Germany"

Opportunities to work in Germany and get a job

There are job opportunities in all parts of the country within Germany, but most of them are concentrated in the city of Berlin, Stuttgart and Munich, and it must also be mentioned that the cost of living is expensive, but the people who work in these cities receive high monthly salaries

Germany is considered one of the countries rich in factories and companies, and this helps in the strong prosperity of the economy and its rapid growth

Germany contains many developing industries such as the private energy sector, which requires expertise in science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Also, there are many opportunities for people graduating from the Department of Banking and Accounting

In general, many jobs in Germany are advertised by recruitment agencies or via the Internet, as there are many jobs that require a specific nationality or a specific age

Detailed information about working in Germany

The main languages ​​in Germany are German, which is the official language. It is also possible to speak English and French sometimes, and Arabic for tourism

This is due to the presence of an expatriate workforce from Asian countries, Syria, Egypt, the Philippines, Europe and all other Arab countries. For this reason, the common language between them is English

Jobs and career opportunities in Germany

For jobs that are worked in the office, the average work hours are from 5 to 8, and this time can be divided into two parts

Weekends in Germany are on Saturday, Sunday and Sunday, for holidays and official holidays are 11 days

The annual leave for an employee in the private sector is 30 days if he completes the work for a year, so the person must check the work contract before starting work in order to guarantee the rights

How to search and find jobs, job opportunities in Germany

The methods that can be used to find job opportunities in Germany are different and varied

A person can take and extract a tourist visa for some for a month or more, and then search for work there with ease

As for the other way, a person can be sitting in his country outside Germany and identify a job opportunity and on this basis a work visa is given to a person

But the person must initially study the costs of living and the expenses that will fall on him, as well as the salary that will be provided and others

These were the most important things to know about working in Germany

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