Nanopool Website for free Ethereum Mining : Mining Steps for Beginners

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the Nanopool site for free Ethereum mining, which is one of the best and most famous sites that includes more than 130,000 active workers working in the field of digital currency mining, in particular mining the ethereum price virtual digital currency

A very cool feature is that if the workers are close to solving the algorithm that will push the block, the site will provide rewards for this

Explain how to mine Ethereum in Nanopool Website

Mining the digital currency Ethereum is profitable and valuable if done in the right way, and the Nanopool site provides you with steps, directions and tips to start mining digital currencies for beginners without prior experience and without ever being a professional

Where you should choose a computer or special graphics cards solve the algorithms provided

Ethereum offers complex operations and puzzles that are solved every 15 seconds with cards

With this, the company pays 5 Ethereum every 15 seconds to the people who were able to find the block. This value is changed from the ethereum mining calculator

The process of mining individual Ethereum is very difficult and almost worthless and profitable, so you should join special mining groups

Groups in general greatly increase the chances of users to find a block

This is very useful, as the user will receive payments even if he does not find the mass

The fee that Nanopool takes is only 1% of the total profits from mining

How to operate the Nanopool website and benefit from its services

The Nanopool site provides an easy-to-use interface in general. After entering the site, you must click on the quick start located under the Ethereum icon at the bottom of the page

The site will offer steps for installing Claymore miner as well as easy steps to prepare the user's configuration file

After inserting the configuration file in the location of the extracted file, you must press the start .bat button and the workers will start the mining process

After setting up the miners, it is only necessary to monitor the user's cards and they get a monthly income

The site offers many different mining operations not only in Ethereum, such as: Ethereum classic, Zcash, Monero, Raven, Conflux, Ergo

The costs incurred by the user are variable, they may be electricity costs, maintenance costs, fees, and others

To log in and open a new account on the Nanopool website, enter here

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