How To Create and Activate an Account in Payeer Bank

In this article, we present to you an explanation of how to create and activate an account in Payeer Bank, how to withdraw the balance from Payeer, log in and open a wallet in the bank easily and with simple and easy steps to start receiving profits from profit sites from the Internet that deal with Payeer Bank as a means of payment and withdrawal of financial returns 2021-2022

When you work on the Internet and you can achieve income and profit from what you do in general, this is more than good because it establishes the way for you to work on your home without bothering to be exposed to traffic jams, transportation problems, congestion and other things accompanying every routine work day outside your home

Well, this is good, as we said, and you have really made profits and made a balance of money on your account on the site you are working on, but you need to get this money and have the freedom to dispose of it, not to remain tied to that account

Therefore, just as you need a wallet in your daily physical life that saves you important papers and money, there is also an electronic wallet that saves you money from theft and is protected within a complex and secured encryption system, it is Payeer Bank

What is PAYEER Bank?

Like all virtual electronic banks on the Internet, it saves electronic deposits that you receive either from your bank account from one of the physical banks in which it is registered, or even from other digital banks

Let's get acquainted with this bank and take a quick glimpse of it, my dear...

This Russian bank was established in 2012 and is like any other bank (it works as an international system for electronic payment on the Internet, like Paypal and Payoneer..)

As for the currencies that it deals with, this is what distinguishes this bank, because, as we said, it works as a wallet, but this wallet is not satisfied with a certain type of electronic currency, but it can save you many currencies such as the dollar and the euro, in addition to the common electronic currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. ...)

So, my dear, it is not a problem to open a free account and open a Payeer wallet for free in simple steps, we will explain the boring way to register in Payeer Bank step by step, how to register and activate the account in Payeer and how to withdraw profits from Payeer Bank easily 2021-2022


1- You must have an e-mail before registering in order to receive the activation code (it is recommended that the e-mail be permanent and important to you because you will need it if you forget the password or even if the bank asks to confirm the e-mail after you opened the bank by accident and without intentionally from a proxy or VPN, The main reason is because it is your key to your money online.

We will move to the main bank link and we will put the registration link for you on the official website of Payeer Bank at the end of the article, and after completion you will be able to open a ready-made Payeer wallet and you can log in at the time to the control panel of your account in Payeer

2- Second, we click on create an account (since the site does not support Arabic, all you have to do is use Google Translate or even the official Google add-on for translation)

3- The first thing you will be asked is the email, which you will write within the rectangle that is headed by the sentence your email, i.e. write your email and then click on create account

4 - Then you will be asked to write the verification code that you received on the email you put (you will find it in the list of basic incoming emails and after you press it you will find five numbers colored green

All you have to do is copy it and put it in the rectangle headed by the word code. After you put the numbers, you press Create Account

5- It will then take you to the next page, which includes the default data that it has set for you in case you want to use it as default and basic to enter the bank and introduce yourself with it

You are free to change everything within these rectangles, which we even prefer that you change them into symbols of your choice, easy for you and difficult for others to guess or penetrate.

But if you want to keep what the bank suggested to you, all you have to do is save this data in a text document or write it in a safe place.

As for what these words mean, in order from top to bottom:


Repeat password (Repeat what you typed in the first password field)

Secret Code

Account name

Then, after you have finished modifying the data, we will move to the next page, which includes the following:


Last name


Congratulations, you have created an account on Payeer Bank and you have a new account on the site and you can now receive profits and receive payments from profit sites from the Internet

After that, dear, you can enjoy the advantages offered by Payeer Bank, most notably the ease of charging your Payeer account from electronic currency wallets (bitcoin)

Payeer Bank Features

What makes Payeer Bank convenient for some people who do not have access to electronic banks due to the ban and their inability to use credit cards such as mastercard & Visa, MasterCard and Visa, and the most important features of Payeer Bank:

You can receive and transfer money from him without these cards

There are no fees for your account in this bank

Transfer commissions are very simple and nominal

Multiple currencies that can be received and transferred, such as famous electronic currencies such as Bitcoin and others

Quick and available technical support around the clock and week

In addition to the simplicity of the interface that it offers without complexity

To register with Payeer Bank, click here

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