How to Register in Paytm Bank : register in it, and activate the account

Explain Paytm Bank and how to register on the paytm website, create an account in paytm bank, open a new account and activate it Welcome, dear visitors of my honorable technical network, we will learn today in this article about how to register in the electronic paytm bank and how to activate the account easily within very simple steps 2021-2022

But before that, my dears..let's get acquainted with paytm bank and what are its most important features at all levels

This bank was launched in 2017 by Indian company paytm for e-commerce financial payment systems

Paytm Bank expanded globally and included many countries until it became one of the pioneers of electronic banks on the Internet, and this is what prompts us to create an account in this bank, my dear

In addition to the ability to access via the Internet, this bank has an application that you can download from major stores such as Google Play and the App Store

Let's start with the registration method from the browser: (very easy and copied from the official website directly)

1- Go to the main website of the bank via the following link

2- We click on the rectangle containing the two terms “login”, “register on the site” located in the upper right corner of the screen, “login/signup”

3- We click on the signup site

4- Then we put your e-mail in addition to the phone number to ensure the reliability of the site for your account, dear

And we put an appropriate password that is difficult to hack, containing uppercase and lowercase letters in addition to some symbols, then we click on create my paytm wallet

5- The site will ask you to enter the code that was sent to your e-mail, which you will see in the main e-mails, then enter your name and last name, then click on create my paytm wallet, and your account will be created without any problems

How to create a new account in paytm bank within minutes

1- First, download the application from the link at the bottom of the post

2- After opening the application, you click on the personal account icon in the upper right corner

3- Then we click on create new accout

4- We enter our email in addition to the phone number (as we said earlier that this is in order to give reliability from you and the site)

5- You will receive an activation code on your e-mail or phone number, which you put for registration

6- We then copy this number and paste the specified rectangle in it and press submit

7- After that, it will take us to a page containing rectangles where you put your name, surname and date of birth, and you will click on create a new account, congratulations! Your paytm bank account has been created

Paytm bank registration link from here

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