Photography Competition in India 2022 : Photography competitions in India

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the India Photography Competition, the best photography competitions in India that are similar to the National Geographic Photography Competition 2021 and the strongest photography competition for the year 2022, and the conditions for a photography competition close to the Saudi competitions, the photography competition, and the mobile photography competition. Instagram videos and photos and photography competitions for the year 2021 in India and New Delhi

The competitions offered in India vary and vary, including cultural competitions, as well as scientific competitions and many other competitions

But what will be focused on in this article is the topic of "Photo Contest in India"

Detailed information about the India Photography Contest

The state of India in general prepares many competitions annually and also offers many valuable prizes and high sums of money, in order to encourage talent and also encourage innovation and motivate people to continue their work

Therefore, there are many competitions in the field of photography there, and you can participate in them with ease

The categories for these competitions differ, such as the human categories that can take pictures of humanitarian issues and convey a humanitarian message that expresses the ties that bind all human beings among themselves

There are many categories, including the architectural category, as this section can depict the beauty of the architectural design that is difficult for the eye to see, how can depict all buildings, schools and all tourist attractions

There are also special competitions for photographing animals, as there are many photos that are taken regarding this matter and you can apply for them

What are the conditions for participating in the photography competition in India?

The rules for participating in this competition vary, including the following conditions and criteria:

The applicant must be at least eighteen years old at the time of participating in the competition

The award will be disqualified if it is discovered that the person is under the legal age

If he has previously participated in one of the images being submitted

It is not allowed to submit the same photo to participate in more than one category

Images must be uploaded and submitted in a RAW file

Images are allowed to be submitted in black and white in all different categories

All photos that are offensive or inappropriate will be disqualified

The photo must not contain any logos, signatures, names, borders, symbols, date, time or other marks

It is allowed to modify the images, but provided that it does not affect the originality of the image, such as adding modifications, deception, optical tricks or manipulating the image

It is worth noting that most of these competitions allow people to participate in one image in one of these categories, but there are many other categories that allow the participation of five to ten images

In the same context, it is not possible to choose in the photos that won the competition in the past years, as the photos must be new, and it is not possible to participate in the same photo if it was participated in one of the prizes of other competitions

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