Profit Course From Google Maps To Get a Monthly Salary of $1,000

In this article, we present to you an explanation of how to profit from Google Maps through the course of profit from Google Maps and earn $ 1,000 per month, what is the benefit of Google points, how to get a monthly salary from Google Maps and a Google Maps guide, and how to benefit from Google Maps and profit from local guides, and what are Google Points Benefit 2021-2022

In addition to explaining how to exchange Google Points by earning through the Internet, the easiest ways to profit from the Internet for beginners to earn money for free

The methods of profit from the Internet vary in our time, including through websites, marketing, investments and many more, but what may be new for users is profit through Google Maps

What are the ways to profit from Google?

Google in general allows users to earn many ways, most notably:

Profit from website ads

Quarter by YouTube videos

Profit from Google Adsense advertising program

Profit through Google Play for apps and games

And profit via Google Maps, which is the topic of the article

The best ways to make money from Google Maps

Many people are looking for the right way that allows them to earn through Google Maps

Before starting to explain the method, you must know what Google Maps or Google Maps are

Google Maps or Google Map is a special service of Google International that allows users to locate different places in all countries and all regions and directions with high accuracy. The company is interested in providing all information related to this service that is useful to the user

This service is completely free for all people around the world to help them identify hotels, restaurants, companies, streets, cities, different stores and many more, which facilitates the process of accessing them, all through the Android smartphone or iPhone or by computer

The application allows the user to view images of different regions with very high accuracy via satellites

The feature is available without the need to connect to the Internet or with a connection, and among the most prominent ways to profit from Google, specifically Google Maps, are:

Earning by points

Profit is available to users simply by adding place maps to this service, and in return they earn points for this service

These points are called Local Guide Points, and money can be earned through them by joining one of the Google Local Guides programs

Profit from Google Maps by performing simple tasks

You can profit from Google Maps through simple tasks and very easy methods, and the most prominent of these methods are:

Add photos of places in high resolution

Place Rating

put a comment

Answer questions about a specific place

Add a route

Checking for information that could be wrong

Comments must be above 200 characters

And many other ways, simply the user must add to the large Google map and start earning money

Terms of adding maps on Google

User must have a gmail account

The place added must be correct and accurate

Add all data related to the place added

Adding means of communication in case you want to add a workplace restaurant or anything related to the map

Website must be added

This listed map should be classified under one of the following types

shipping companies


Restaurants Hotels

real estates

banks banks


How to add a new map on Google

It is easier than the user imagines by following the following steps

You must go to the link listed here

After that you must enter the user's Gmail account

The next step is to search in the search box for the desired place to add

You must specify the geographical location for this area or Google will do this automatically

In the side menu, press the three-line button

In the list the user will find a button titled Add a place not listed on the map

After clicking on this option, a new page will appear

In this step, you must start filling in the information accurately about the place

The process of winning the article is by getting the place that has been added high ratings and positive comments

Care must be taken to earn points, and these points can be profited from by

Get discounts on movies and games in the Google Play Store

The user has a priority in the experience of the new Google services

Primary in Google Maps jobs

And win special invitations to attend conferences, including the Local Guides Conference, and you can easily redeem Google Map points through the official program

All the necessary information has been explained to start making profits through Google Map or Google Maps, so you should take advantage of the opportunity now

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