Risks of Investing in the Stock Market : The Pros and Cons of Financial Investment

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The process of investing in the stock market or the shares of companies that are listed in the markets is considered one of the most risky ways due to many negative influencing factors that may affect private performance

There are many investors who do not do this well and focus only on making money and this can lead to investors losing large amounts of money. The types of these risks vary greatly

Uncertainty or predictability of expected profits is one of the most important risks of financial investment

This does not apply to deposits and bonds, which are characterized as not containing significant risks, such as stocks

But its return is much lower and at times it may not cover the costs of inflation that occurs in the market, so there will be money losses

In the Gulf countries, for example, campaigns are launched that help raise the awareness of society and investors regarding these markets, such as the Invest Wisely campaign.

Systemic risks affect the risks that occur are not exposed to the investor alone. Risks are factors that affect everyone in the stock market in a comprehensive manner, not a specific company or a specific sector

Like the economic crises the country is going through

Political, social and security instability

External and domestic turmoil Bad political situation

 The investor's internal strike in general causes hesitation and fear in the hearts of investors, and this leads to fear of investing in investment tools

Investing in stocks increases in value if the economic situation is booming and booming, and these prices and these stocks fall in the absence of these conditions

The difficulty of trading or selling shares. This problem is faced by the investor in the event that he needs financial liquidity, and this matter is very widespread if the stock market passes and the investor needs to sell his own shares, which forces him to sell the shares at a lower price

Fluctuations in the interest rate on loans and deposits is also one of the risks that investors are exposed to in the financial markets

The special psychological state of the investor plays a big role in investing, so the investor may go through a state of fear and the investors will refrain from buying and selling operations

Poor management is the most important investment risk in the stock market

Mismanagement is one of the most important risks that lead to a decrease in the level of efficiency, and this has happened a lot in the markets in several global countries

As the efficiencies of the management were low and less than the required level, and this led to a decline and significant losses in profits

There are many surveys that confirm that investors in general rely on brokers in the financial markets to make decisions about them

This is because they have daily information, buying and selling operations, and they deal with major investors, and this reinforces the idea that they have important information that helps them in decision-making processes

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