Saving vs investing : The Difference Between Saving and Investment

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Many people wonder about the difference between saving and investing, as there are many people who think that these two terms are the same thing and this is completely wrong

In this article, we will explain the "difference between saving and investing" so that the information becomes completely clear to everyone by reading this article

What is saving?

Saving is the process by which a person takes money or part of the amount and put it in a place away from the road and every specific period he puts the same amount

In this matter, the amount will accumulate and the person will achieve a specific goal, such as covering travel costs, studying costs, buying a new home or car, getting married and many other different things

What is investment?

Investment is a method that this person does by taking a sum of money, but not by putting it aside and saving it, but rather putting it in something that brings profits to the person

Such as investing in real estate, investing in a commercial project, investing in gold and investing in stocks, and there are many special ways to invest

Savings are different and varied, including saving through private bank accounts for savings

As there are many bank accounts that provide the user with the ability to transfer the salary at the beginning of each month to the bank, and the king will take the amount that was agreed upon between the client and the bank and put it in another savings account

There are also special saving methods known as 50%, which is a method whose main idea is to take half of the person’s salary and put it in the saving amount and also dispose of the other half on the expenses on personal and basic needs

A person can rely on old saving methods such as using a piggy bank and putting money in it

What are the investment methods?

There are many ways to invest, including the following ways to invest money:

Investing in commercial projects

After a person gets a certain amount of money, which is called the capital, he can open his own business such as a shop, a restaurant, or many other things

In this case, the person did not freeze the amount of money, but rather put it in something else that will return to him a larger amount and double the private capital

In this way, a person can double his own capital, which he created and invested in

Investing in stocks

A person can buy certain shares in a company and also benefit from the profits earned by this company as one of its shareholders

Investing in gold

A person can buy precious gold, and then sell it in larger amounts, and this method achieves success and is a very special method

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