School bullying ideas : forms, phrases, story and drawings of bullying for children

In this article, we offer you an explanation of ideas about school bullying, a story about bullying, a topic about electronic bullying in children, ideas and phrases about bullying in English, drawings about electronic bullying, not bullying for children, and a conclusion about bullying, forms of school bullying and school bullying ppt for the year 2021-2022

School bullying has many methods followed by the bully, including physical violence such as beating and pulling hair, and violence can also be in speech such as insults or posting pictures via the Internet or lies in schools and others

A topic about school or electronic bullying in children

There are many people and students in schools who are exposed to school bullying or cyberbullying in children, and this is what affects them severely and in many respects

Everyone in schools can be subject to bullying, so the child should not blame himself and the special reasons why bullies do so should also be investigated

In other words, changing the people targeted by bullying to what the bullies ask for, this matter will never stop the bullying, as the act of bullying is passed on to the people who the bully thinks they can't respond to the abuse or are at the lowest level

In general, bullies do these actions because they suffer from a lack of self-respect, but the matter has evolved until the person is doing bullying in relation to dealing with the negative feelings he feels

It can be seen that a bully may be one of the victims of violence and bullying in the above

The bullying process must stop not only for the sake of the children who are being bullied in schools but also for the bully itself

As there are many studies that have proven that bullies may fail in their lives in the future and are also more likely to commit crimes than others in the future.

The process of being abused is very difficult and there are millions of children who are abused in schools, as this matter may be considered a crime if an adult is subjected to the same acts

Dealing with bullying in general has become more appropriate than before, as many people, such as the school in the school, can resort to the police if it comes to physical violence

If bullying is verbal abuse, adults, principals, and teachers can be reported to help counteract these actions

What are the roles of bullying in school?

There are many roles, types, ideas and stories about school bullying, and the most prominent of these roles are the following:

the victim

He is the student who is subjected to continuous bullying, such as beating or through immoral statements


He is the person who practices these actions on other people and the person who supports the bully, as there are a number of people who may participate in these actions and be an audience for the bully and laugh at his actions


He is the one who defends the victim and tries to stop these operations. The spectator is the one who takes the middle space, as he does not interfere in the acts of bullying, but he does not tell the adults to stop this matter

Parents should educate the child about bullying that occurs in school, so that the child can recognize bullying and also report it in case he or one of his colleagues is bullied

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