The issue of harassment against women and children and adults : Types of sexual harassment

In this article, we offer you an explanation of ideas on the topic of harassment against women and children, electronic harassment and the treatment of sexual harassment in Islam, and a topic about the latest cyber-harassment and a conclusion on harassment and the impact of sexual harassment on girls and the use of lemon in harassment and eye harassment and the treatment of psychological sexual harassment pdf and what are the types of harassment today for children for discussion In Arabic, French and English for the year 2021 - 2022

Sexual harassment is one of the most prevalent and ugliest things in society, as harassment has many forms, not only touching the body of the other, but it may be a very annoying conversation

Therefore, in this article, we will learn about the various types, forms, and patterns of harassment

What is sexual harassment and what are its types?

Sexual harassment is actions or words of a sexual nature that may violate the privacy, feelings and body of the other person, and also cause feelings of discomfort, insecurity, fear, threat, humiliation and abuse.

The most common types of harassment are the types of sexual harassment that affect women, children, or sometimes men or many different people.

Sexual harassment has many forms and a person can practice this type of harassment in more than one form and it has many types. The most prominent types of sexual harassment are the following types:

Sexual harassment by sight

A person may look at another person inappropriately by looking at parts of the body or into the eyes

The expressions that the harasser applies to the face

He inserts symbols on his face the calls It might also be passing by

Touching harassment

The harasser makes sure that the harasser does it well.


A harasser may show unwanted parts of his body to the other person

Harassment by threat

The harasser does other things

Gestures made by the harasser

The harasser may make some special gestures, such as commenting on the other person's behavior, dress, way of walking, or making sexual speech and many other things

Harassment by stalking and stalking

There are many harassers who track other people, whether from a close or far distance by walking or car, and it can be a one-time or recurring matter, and this may be in annoying places such as home or work

mass sexual harassment

This type of sexual harassment may include all the past types and be on a single group or direction

Electronic harassment

Electronic harassment has also recently spread in light of the spread of the Internet and social networking sites, such as sending unwanted and offensive comments or pictures to other people, or also disturbing through phone calls or sending text messages.

The impact of harassment is very serious in the long run and also greatly affects the psychological state of the victim

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