Thoughts and phrases about the International Day of Peace

In this article, we offer you an explanation of ideas about the International Day of Peace for the Elderly, for Cancer, for Women, for the Child, for Volunteering for Civil Defense, for the Environment, for the Teeth in Arabic, phrases about the International Day of Peace, what is the importance of the International Day of Peace, an expression of the International Day of Peace, what is the slogan of the World Peace Day and the most beautiful coloring drawings for the International Children’s Day The schedule of the International Day and how peace is achieved for the year 2020 - 2021 - 2022

The human being was present on the earth and the cause of many different conflicts, including the conflicts that were with nature, and there are also many conflicts that were over resources, and there are also many conflicts that were on the land.

Also, the human goal in conflict is to survive and compete with others, but with the existence of these many conflicts, a World Day of Peace was launched, and this topic will be explained in detail in this article.

What is the International Day of Peace (detailed information)

After the increase in the number of wars between peoples, a decisive decision had to be taken in this matter to preserve the safety and peace of countries from the danger of war that affects humans through psychological diseases spread by wars or the human casualties that they leave every time a person enters into conflict and war

In order for peoples to face in wars, they start thinking about finding solutions to this matter, in order to spread the concept of peace that all human beings need in all parts of the globe and in all countries of the world and Arab and foreign countries

As the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the importance of having an International Day of Peace in all parts of the world, and in this matter the International Day of Peace was established

The General Assembly and its role in achieving peace

There are many difficulties that stand in front of the goal of achieving peace in the entire world, as there are many conflicts and wars that have become an essential thing for many peoples.

But there are also many efforts that are being made in different countries that seek to achieve peace as well, which have yielded some fruits and success in this matter, and work is still being done on this matter.

In 1984 and in the month of November, the General Assembly issued a declaration of a special title on the right of peoples to peace, and also the measures that would be taken by the United Nations were proposed.

This is in order to reduce the conflicts that arise in countries and to end wars in them, which stipulates certain goals regarding the right of peoples to peace, including the declaration of the state of international peace.

Also, this matter must be continued until people in all countries of the world have the right to live in luxury without fear or destruction, and this matter was the main goal that the association works on and seeks to reach.

How is world peace achieved?

All countries must do certain things to achieve world peace, including that all peoples and countries get rid of all external or internal conflicts, because this is the main cause of wars.

Human rights institutions and the international community must also defend the right of individuals to live in safety, which is one of the most important rights of the individual everywhere in the world.

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