The Cost of Traveling to the UAE from India and Nigeria

In this article, we provide you with an explanation of what is the cost of traveling to the UAE from India and Nigeria, what is the price of the UAE visa from India and Nigeria for the year 2021 and 2022, and what are the travel procedures for the Emirates from India and Nigeria, in addition to how much fees and price of the UAE visa and what is the date of opening visas in the UAE 2022 and how to obtain an entry visa to the UAE and obtain a work contract and visa, and what is the price of a 3-month visit to the UAE, and also how to inquire about the issuance of the UAE visa and know the price of the UAE visa for residents

The United Arab Emirates is a goal and a dream for many peoples and young people in India and Nigeria, as it has become a shining torch of success, excellence and distinction, and has become the most important advanced and prosperous private center that many people go to for money and distinctive job opportunities

Therefore, the UAE government has set some rules and conditions in order to obtain a travel visa to the Emirates for Indians and Nigerians, and it can be obtained easily by following some simple steps

In this article, we will highlight the topic of "Travel Costs to the Emirates from India and Nigeria"

What is the cost of traveling to the Emirates from India and Nigeria?

The UAE is characterized by being advanced and also adding many important services and facilities that suit the needs of citizens, workers there and tourists, and is constantly working to prove its position globally among the most important and best countries

As it has become a station for tourism, investment and work in the Middle East, it has also become a strong competitor to many countries from around the world in many fields

With the increase in the percentage of people traveling to the Emirates and those coming for the purpose of tourism or work, the UAE has set many conditions for obtaining a visa according to the various types that it has taken

Therefore, there is a miss in the prices for the visa that you put forward, and the tourism visa differs from the work visa in terms of terms and price

What are the requirements for UAE work visa for Indians and Nigerians?

The Ministry of the Emirates has stipulated some conditions for people who wish to enter the Emirates for the purpose of self-employment or work under the presence of a guarantor, the most important of which are the special conditions for the self-employment benefit, which are the following conditions:

There must be a photocopy of the first page of the passport

Electricity bill for the last two months is required

An official document issued by the medical center stating the health status of the person from the age of 18 to 30

The Egyptian must maintain the legal period of stay and not violate the law to avoid being held accountable and paying fines, and it must be renewed in a timely manner.

A copy of the flight reservation must be submitted that is compatible with the original website of the airline that sponsors the flight through

A property or rental contract must be provided in the UAE for housing

A bank statement must be provided for the last six months of the person's private banking transactions

A copy of the price of the visa in the UAE for Egyptians through the official website of the UAE

The cost of obtaining a visa to travel to the UAE from India and Nigeria

The price of the visa for Nigerians and Indians is extracted, and its cost is 350 dirhams, the travel ticket is calculated and charged, and this is according to the person and the form of reservation if it is an economy class or first class chosen by the person

Special costs can be calculated in travel, accommodation, food and many other things, and this depends mainly on the person himself

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