Why is it Better To Live in a Village than in a City ?

In this article, we offer you an explanation of why living in a village is better than a city? And the negatives of living in the city. Do you prefer living in the city or the village, and why in French, Arabic and English, and which is better, the countryside or the city? And why? In French, simple life in the countryside, and what is the difference between a village child and a city child, life in the countryside and life in the countryside, and why is the city better than the countryside for the year 2021-2022

Many people consider that living in the village and the countryside is better than living in the city. On the other hand, there are many people who reject this idea and assert that life in the city is better than the village

People's opinions differ, and the pros and cons are different, whether in the city or in the countryside

There are many people who may not consider one of the negatives in the countryside or the city as a negative and also do not consider one of the positives as a positive thing. It depends mainly on the person’s preferences and requirements

Why is it better to live in a village than in a city ?

To answer the question why living in the village is better than the city? We will present this article

Living in the village is very special and many people prefer it for many reasons, the most important of which is healthy living

The nature of life in the village is healthier than living in the city, as the presence of a person next to green spaces, trees, fresh water and eating healthy food in its various forms such as fruits and vegetables makes a person’s body healthier and enjoys great psychological comfort

The nature of the business in the countryside, which people turn to early, requires some muscular effort, and this matter can be considered a sport for the body.

This is different from the nature of business in cities that require sitting behind desks and spending a lot of time there

The vanguard of social relations in the villages is distinguished and filled with love and help more than relations in the city

As in the village all people know each other and support each other in bad times as well as in happy times

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside and the city

Country life and people there have more time than city dwellers

As their business is under their management and can go to it whenever they want unlike business and jobs in cities that oblige a person to come and leave at specific working hours

The general atmosphere of the people in the countryside is calm, stable and safe, and there is no crime there

Life in the village is simple and does not require many commitments

Rural areas are also characterized by that they are not crowded, unlike cities, where a lot of time is wasted only in transportation and traffic congestion

The number of people in the village is much less than the number in the city, which means no crowding

With all these positives, there are many negatives as well, such as poor services, difficulty of movement, poor transportation, and weak state interest in these areas

But if a person is a lover of a quiet and healthy life, far from the noise of the city, the village and the countryside are considered the most suitable places to live a healthy and integrated life

As we mentioned, there are many people who may not consider these features as advantages for them and also do not consider the negatives of the city as negatives, so it is up to the person himself

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