Ideas for World Dental Day for Children

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the best ideas about World Dental Day for the year 2021-2022, full details about this day to volunteer and raise awareness on dental care for children, adults and women

March 20 of each year is considered the International Day for Celebrating Oral and Dental Health, as this day is an ideal opportunity to promote the culture of oral and dental health among children, families, adults and the elderly in daily life.

And that is through special daily education experiences for children, and there are many ideas about World Dental Day that can be put forward in many places, and this matter when will be highlighted in this article

World Dental Day was officially announced in 2007 and is celebrated every year

The idea of ​​the World Dental Day is to raise global awareness of the prevention and control of oral diseases, and also to enable individuals of all ages to maintain oral and dental health.

What are the goals of World Dental Health Day?

There are many people who suffer from oral and dental diseases in their lives, and these matters can be avoided in the future for other people by raising awareness and also providing support, funding, prevention and treatment programs, and this is what the idea of ​​the World Oral and Dental Health Day represents.

There are many organizations that encourage private dental associations, governments and the media to participate in this day locally and globally to raise awareness of dental and oral health.

World Dental Day ideas and activities

There are many activities and ideas that can be done to help celebrate this World Day, including the following activities and ideas:

Artwork ideas can be used. A special mouth shape can be made, and it will be an attractive and distinctive image and hang it in one of the places

Children's awareness can be raised on this international day and also about healthy foods that keep their teeth healthy

It is also possible to distribute many healthy foods and drinks, such as fruit juices, milk, etc., in order to familiarize children with their importance

It can be done in many models, as we mentioned, such as a special model for the mouth and teeth, as well as a special model for the toothbrush that lights up at night, and this is to remind children in particular to brush their teeth before bed

Many competitions can be held such as the coloring competition and special pictures of teeth and toothbrushes are colored

Many competitions can be held, including special competitions for the person who brushes his teeth, and a prize can be given to the winner

Dentists can also be used to educate children and the family, as well as the elderly, in seminars, schools or centers about the importance of dental health.

Advertising and radio campaigns can be used to spread awareness about dental and oral health, as well as free dental examinations

Special posters can be published in the streets and billboards, in order to raise awareness about oral and dental health in all places

In general, the teeth and oral health are one of the most important areas that must be taken care of and focus on, and to educate young children about their importance and the importance of maintaining them.

Also, there can be many adults and elderly people who have learned wrong things about dental and oral health and these bad habits can be highlighted on this World Day.

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