Alexa Site Shutdown Soon (Alexa Platform Closes May 1-2022)

In this article, we offer you an explanation of urgent and important news for site owners and webmasters, and the point of the news is that the Alexa site will stop soon, as the Alexa site will be closed on May 1, 2022, and all Alexa platform services will be suspended for evaluating websites, and we will explain to you what is the reason for closing the Alexa site And the fact that services have been suspended

Alexa website stopped

Alexa is a special platform for ranking websites by selling its paid services in the Amazon store and offering its free services directly from its official website, but unfortunately this platform will be closed soon in the next year 2022

People who want to know the news of “Alexa has stopped”, this topic will be covered in all the details in this article

Alexa website has stopped

Amazon revealed that on May 1, 2022, Alexa will no longer be available to users and they will not be able to investigate the ranking of sites or also obtain the competitive analysis provided by the site, and the services of this site will end after it has provided its services for more than 25 years since its launch

Amazon says Alexa services are discontinued

Amazon has declared that it has effectively stopped offering subscriptions to this site, as only users who are currently subscribed can use this site on May 2022 and no new user has been able to subscribe to the site

Existing subscribers can choose to renew the account if they wish to continue with the site

What is the reason for closing Alexa?

There is no official statement as to why such a decision was taken from this two-decade-old site, but there are many sites that have stated that this site has not gained much popularity in recent years and has lost a large user base

What services does Alexa provide?

The Alexa platform is the site of statistics on websites, where it provided services to measure and analyze the movement of sites, and the site also estimates the order of site visits based on the number of visits through various sources

The Alexa website is designed according to the specifications of a unique and simple search engine that enables users to know the speed of websites

If someone wants their site to appear as a result on the Alexa page, they must submit a request to the page and fill in the information about the user's site, in order to provide an accurate assessment about visitors to this site

The Alexa site had a simple interface that everyone could know how to use, as the data was arranged in a clear and easy way and anything anyone needed could be found

The site had many features, as in the toolbar of this site there is a tool called Marketing This feature was designed for users who want to discover more brands and this is to improve the online shopping experience

Also, users can get all the information about the brands and also the products offered by these companies such as images for video content

This is what made the Alexa tool a great tool. The site also provides suggestions about what the user is looking for, as well as what is written, and the platform provides free measurement tools

The platform is based on consumer preferences through a set of platforms, which are tablets, smartphones, websites and applications

Alexa creation date

The site was created in 1996 and sold to Amazon in 1999 for $250 million

After that, the tool evolved greatly until it became the voice of the global consumer, but at the present time, Amazon decided to close this site for reasons that are not explained so far

Source and details of the news from the Alexa website can be found here

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